Hurghada tourism

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Hurghada tourism

The city of Hurghada (in English: Hurghada) is an Egyptian city located on the Red Sea coast, and it is considered one of the important tourist centers in the region. It represents a wonderful destination for water sports lovers, as it is a coastal city where visitors and tourists can practice many activities in it, such as diving, skiing On the water, swimming, and exploring underwater, it is also possible to walk around the beach, stay in luxury resorts, and many other interesting tourist activities.

The most important tourist attractions in Hurghada

Hurghada includes many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

Coral reef caves

Reef caves are considered one of the most popular diving sites in Hurghada. They include many coral forests and a large number of marine creatures that inhabit these caves, including: hammerhead sharks and tuna, knowing that diving enthusiasts can explore these caves located at a depth of 16 meters Almost, scenic view.

Grand Aquarium Hurghada

Hurghada Grand Aquarium is a garden, and a huge water basin that includes a large number of marine creatures with their different types and types, which express the beauty of the sea and the splendor of marine life.

Monasteries of Saint Anthony and Saint Paul

The monasteries of Saint Anthony and Saint Paul are located approximately 45 km from the center of Hurghada, a large complex that includes Coptic churches dating back to the fourth century AD, and is characterized by its wonderful architectural design.

Giftun Islands

Giftun Islands is considered one of the nearest islands to Hurghada, and is a natural reserve for marine life, as it overlooks many coral forests that contain various forms of marine life.

Shadwan Island

Shedwan Island is located in the area between Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, and is considered a great destination for fans of scuba diving and underwater exploration.


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