I visited the city of Marrakesh, a report on my experience in visiting Marrakesh, Morocco, the city of Marrakesh, which means in the Amazigh language, walking quickly, and Marrakesh is considered one of the oldest Moroccan cities, as it comes in the third place among the Moroccan cities in terms of population with a population of more than one million people, The city of Marrakesh was established in the 11th century, where it was built by the leader Abi Bakr bin Amer Al-Litwani, and Marrakesh was once the capital of the Almohads and the Almoravids, which helped it to be one of the most important historical capitals in Morocco.
Marrakech is famous for its unique architecture, which is evident in its many buildings and mosques, as it was called the name of the red city and this is due to the color of the mosques and historical buildings of the city, which are usually covered with clay layer that earns that feature, and now it occupies an important human and cultural site, as it is In 1997 it was included on the UNESCO World Humanitarian List.

The most important characteristic of Marrakesh:

  • Walking around the back streets of the old city, where there is a possibility to discover the city without the high costs, where there can be a refusal to exchange conversation with vendors inside the small shops that sell simple souvenirs, such as spices, the Moroccan gown, old carpets and Moroccan shoes, along with pieces of colored ceramics.
  • Moroccan bath, which is a main part of the cultural identity of Moroccan life, where one can enter any of these baths for the worker to rub the body with the Moroccan fiber to stimulate the skin and muscles, which helps the body to relax and recuperate.
  • Eat a delicious sheep head meal, where the delicious Moroccan taste that many people come to enjoy its taste, despite the strangeness of Moroccan cuisine, such as couscous, cooked snails, sheep heads and tagine, but these local meals are favored by many of the city’s visitors.
  • Enjoy watching the Atlas Mountains, which is one of the most prominent landmarks in Marrakech, where the air is fresh and humid, and away from the pollution and dust of the city, as the town of Lalla Takerkoust is one of the most suitable places for quad biking, where enjoying the beauty and splendor of mountain peaks.
  • Visiting the palaces of Marrakech, such as the Namaskar palace, which is now a luxury hotel in Marrakesh, and the Badi Palace, which was built in the 16th century, where the splendor of the construction despite the simplicity of the building materials that were relied upon to build the palace.
  • Enjoying shopping from Bab Al Khamis Market, which opens its doors every day to sell products and used goods. In this market there is a wonderful shopping opportunity where negotiations are made on prices, and antique doors and antique carpets are sold in this market.
  • Relaxing in the middle of the Medina, where you can stay for several nights in Riad Marrakech and El Tani, which are Moroccan houses surrounded by a garden and in the middle of the house there is an open Al Bahah, and although many of them are subject to development and modernization, many of these houses are still preserved in the authenticity of the old Moroccan style.
  • Enjoying hot air balloon rides above the clear skies of the city of Marrakech and the top of the Atlas Mountains, and adventure enthusiasts can also practice many activities that are overwhelmed by the adventure element of the Amnères Terrace Square. It is also possible to climb the highlands that unique experience of this distinctive city.

I visited the city of Marrakech and its most important features:

  • The large courtyard of Fna:

It is located at the entrance to the city and is considered the center of the city. It is a place for gathering many stalls, besides there are fortune tellers, musicians, snake charmers and storytellers. There, you can enjoy seeing the spectra of ancient Moroccan life.

  • Bahia Palace:

It was built in the nineteenth century, as it was the seat of the great minister Bou Ahmed, as it is distinguished for its interior decoration, where unique decorations and the impressive display of tile tiles, and the palace is surrounded by gardens filled with trees.

  • Koutoubia Mosque:

It is considered one of the most prominent and famous landmarks in Marrakech, as its minaret reaches 70 meters, and this mosque is considered one of the most important achievements of Almohad architecture.

  • Marrakesh Museum:

It is considered one of the distinguished museums in Marrakesh, as it contains a distinguished and attractive collection to combine contemporary art with Qur’anic inscriptions, coins and works made with local ceramics and textiles, and one of the most distinguishing features of this museum is its unique architecture, which is a mix between Moroccan art and Portuguese art.

  • Bin Youssef School:

It was built in the year 1565 during the reign of the Sa’dis, and it is considered one of the largest theological schools in Morocco. This school is home to 900 students receiving knowledge about the small inner courtyards. This school is distinguished by its appearance mixed with the inscriptions with the inscriptions in Kufic script and high ceilings.

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