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Tourism in Iceland

The Republic of Iceland has a strong tourism sector, as it is visited by a large number of visitors and tourists, due to the presence of many landmarks, places, and scenic and wonderful landscapes. Statistics in 2003 indicated that the total number of hotel reservations in Iceland hotels reached about 7,330 hotel rooms; That is, 42% of the total capacity, as the number of visitors in the same year reached 569,194 visitors, and tourists.

The most important tourist attractions in Iceland

Iceland is full of attractions, amazing attractions, and attractions. The following are among the most important:

Geysir region

The Geysir region contains many openings and hot sparkling pits, perhaps the most important of which is the Strocker opening, through which hot water and vapor are ejected every few minutes, knowing that the water height may reach about 30 meters.


Deerholje is located in the village of Vik, located in the southernmost part of Iceland. It is a wonderful rock formation that is very popular, and it is visited by many visitors and tourists to see its wonderful, picturesque view.

Canyon Valley

Canyon Valley is one of the most important natural tourist places in Iceland, and it is distinguished because it takes the shape of a horseshoe, and includes within it many wonderful landscapes, basaltic formations and paths designated for walking.

Vatnajokule National Park

The Vatnajokull National Park – which has an area of ​​more than 14,100 km2 – is one of the most beautiful parks and parks in Iceland, and it is characterized by its many scenic landscapes and natural formations due to volcanoes, glaciers and geothermal energy.

Hallerimskirkiye Church

Hallerimiskirkia Church is one of the buildings and churches located in Reykjavik, Iceland, and it is characterized by its amazing architectural design, where it appears in white, and the height of its tower reaches about 74.5 m, knowing that visitors and tourists can wander the church and see its wonderful landmarks.

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