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Bulgaria is located on the European continent alongside Romenia on the north, Greece and Turkey on the south, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia on the west, as it overlooks the Black Sea on its western side, and the country is ranked sixteenth in terms of area on the whole of the European continent, it has reached its area 110.994 sq.m.

As for the population of Bulgaria, it reached about 7.446,000 according to the latest forecasts issued by the state in 2011, and most of them convert to the Orthodox Christian religion by 84%, and the rest, they convert to the Islamic religion or other sects of the Christian religion.

Immigration to Bulgaria

Many people around the world may consider migrating to one of the European Union countries, which includes Bulgaria with the aim of improving the living situation and obtaining work or housing in a safe country free from killing and destruction, in addition to the third category that migrates to Bulgaria with the aim of investing, and in all these cases the individual can To enter the country but after completing the conditions and procedures that we will all mention.

Obtaining permanent residence for the investor

The investor: Any person who wants to set up a company or has a future business that intends to do business in Bulgaria, and those investors have more opportunities and simplified procedures than others, they will increase the economic recovery of the country.
Procedures required by the investor to immigrate to Bulgaria:

  • An official document proving the opening of a representative office of the investment company in Bulgaria, so that the Bulgarian government records it in the commercial records.
  • The regular immigration papers for all countries, which are the passport, the disease-free certificate, personal photos, travel insurance, filling out the immigration application that can be obtained from the Bulgarian consulate or via the Internet, and the marriage contract, if any.

After providing all these papers, the consulate calls the investor and sets an appointment to meet him, after which a visa is given to the state.

The procedures required from the job seeker

The job seeker: He is someone who wants to improve his living conditions and get an excellent monthly salary, so he goes to search for a country that provides him with this so that his choice is Bulgaria, but he has to provide some papers and do some procedures, namely:

  • Fill out an application for immigration to Bulgaria, which can be obtained from the Bulgarian Consulate or from the websites of immigration applications, most of which include asking about the name and the reason for emigration to the country.
  • Providing academic certificates, certificates of experience and qualifications at work.
  • Usual passport documents, personal photos, marriage contract if any, disease free certificate, good conduct certificate, conduct and birth certificate.

After that, the state decides whether or not it needs these qualifications. If it needs it, the consulate contacts the applicant and meets him, and then he gives him a visa.

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