The spring, and especially April, is the most appropriate time of the year to enjoy a tourist trip in Malaysia, where the rate of rainfall falls and the weather tends to be moderate.

Malaysia is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations for Arab travelers, providing enjoyable entertainment and recreation for all family members, as well as the charm of nature, beaches and many parks and historical monuments.

Today, we are getting acquainted with you with the most important advice necessary before traveling to Malaysia to enjoy this spring vacation.

Learn the weather

Malaysia’s weather is mild most of the year, but it is accompanied by precipitation between November and February, and during the summer months as well, and humidity is very high in Malaysia for most of the year.

We advise you to take light clothes with cotton fabrics that match the moisture, and be sure to take sun creams, sunglasses and parasols for daytime walking.

Feel free to ask for help

In Malaysia, it is easy to request assistance from tourist police wearing dark blue suits and a badge on the chest with the word Information.

Find out the official holidays

Malaysia goes through many official holidays throughout the year and these holidays are linked to the school year or local holidays and festivals, and you need to know the dates of these holidays to plan your trip.


Medical insurance must be done before traveling to Malaysia, preferably in the case of need for health care resorting to private clinics instead of crowded public hospitals.

Avoid the law

In some remote areas there are pools and swamps of water that cause the presence of the mosquito, especially in high humidity, so it is preferable to take mosquito spray and mosquito spray to the body for protection and prevention of diseases, as it is preferable to avoid wandering in remote areas and agricultural lands and only resort areas and official gardens.

drinking water

Tap water is completely unsafe in Malaysia despite its cleanliness. Intestinal infections with tap water have been recorded, and it is preferable to rely on bottled water with mineral water.

Beware of taxi cars

Most taxi drivers in Malaysia do not adhere to the meter and prefer to agree with them in advance on the price of the trip or hourly rent, as it is preferable to adopt official taxis to avoid risks or the adoption of smart applications cars such as Uber.

Pick gifts from the tourist islands

Some tourist islands in Malaysia do not impose additional fees on tourism services or taxes and deal with local prices, so it is preferable to buy souvenirs from stores in these islands such as Langkawi, Toman and Labuan.

Be careful with airport congestion

When you are at one of the airports in Malaysia, you should beware of delaying the date of your plane, as the crowding on the travel gates may prevent you from catching your plane, and it is preferable to be at the airport two hours before the flight date.

Eat local food

Local food in Malaysia is one of the things that helps you save budget on your trip and don’t worry about trying new types as Malaysian food is delicious and it uses halal meat.

Protect yourself from theft

As everywhere in the world robberies can happen at any time, so you must protect yourself in Malaysia by avoiding quiet streets at night and not showing your precious personal belongings such as expensive phones and jewelry in public areas.

Avoid unsafe currency exchange

When you walk around the market, some people may offer you to change the currency, but you have to avoid that. You may be exposed to fraud and prefer to exchange currencies from reliable stores or the bank.

    Recreation in Malaysia
Recreation in Malaysia

    Wonderful atmosphere in Malaysia

Wonderful atmosphere in Malaysia

Enjoyable atmosphere in Malaysia
Enjoyable atmosphere in Malaysia

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The most amazing landmarks in Malaysia

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The magic of beaches in Malaysia

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Image icon Malaysia’s Natural Magic

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Fun tourism in Malaysia

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