Tourists often encounter some problems due to their lack of good knowledge of customs and traditions in the tourist countries that they visit, especially if it is a country like Sri Lanka, and it is, like many other countries in Southeast Asia, one of the conservative countries that take pride in their popular values ​​and traditions, and even Enjoying a wonderful and hassle-free stay or vacation on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, you should avoid making mistakes that tourists usually make when they visit Sri Lanka because they do not know the customs and traditions there.

Here are a set of important things that tourists should avoid doing while in Sri Lanka:

Do not show disrespect for religions:

This is not only intended to make joking comments about religious customs in Sri Lanka, but also to show disrespect for all that represents religious symbols there.

Do not turn your back on one of the Buddha statues:

Because this is a sign of disrespect for the Buddha’s statues that are so sacred to the followers of Buddhism, and if you want to take a picture with a Buddha, there is nothing wrong with that just make sure that neither you nor any of the people who take their picture with the statue give their back to the statue.

Sri Lanka is not compared to India:

Tourists often find Asian cultures very similar, which applies to countries like Sri Lanka and India, but the fact is that both countries are very different and have a different cultural heritage.

Do not act in an intimate manner with your partner in a public place:

Because intimate behavior in a public place is unacceptable to local residents of a conservative nature in Sri Lanka.

Do not take pictures without permission first:

Because there are some places in Sri Lanka that require paying fees first before taking pictures, as there are other places where filming may be prohibited, and it is also best to obtain permission first before taking pictures that show officers, soldiers or even local residents.

Make sure that the word “hotel” means “hotel” and not a restaurant:

Because many of the local restaurants in Sri Lanka may carry the name “hotel” or “hotel” but in reality it does not provide a family or a place to stay, but that designation dates back to an ancient tradition in which inns or hotels were the place that provided shelter and extra for travelers.

Simple gestures may mean something else contrary to what you expect:

The best example of this is for a person to shake his head from one side to another. Such a gesture may mean in most countries of the world a sign of negation by shaking the head, but in Sri Lanka it means the exact opposite where it means “yes” or “well”.

Do not drink from pine water:

Do not drink tap water in Sri Lanka or even brush your teeth with tap water there because it is often untreated and carries a high percentage of agricultural waste and fertilizer.

Do not eat with your left hand:

The locals in Sri Lanka prefer eating with their right hand, not the left hand, because the left hand is “unclean” and should not be used to hold food.

Check the prices of local transportation well:

Especially the most popular means of transportation in Sri Lanka for tourists, which is takatak, you first have to agree with the tuktuk driver on the destination and the cost of the trip.

Do not forget to carry the insect repellent spray with you:

Make sure to carry with you a sufficient amount of mosquito repellent spray that contains det, because such preparations are difficult to find in Sri Lanka and are absolutely necessary for your trip in Sri Lanka.

Don’t forget to eat delicious local foods:

Because your trip to Sri Lanka will not be completely complete if you do not experience eating a number of delicious local dishes in Sri Lanka, which are characterized by being rich in spicy and aromatic spices and is usually used in making coconut fruits or milk, or eating delicious aromatic and herbal drinks in Sri Lanka that are relaxing Like milk drink, sweetened tea or fresh cinnamon drink.

Important advice for tourists heading to Sri Lanka
Important advice for tourists heading to Sri Lanka

Don't forget to eat delicious local foods
Don’t forget to eat delicious local foods

Do not take pictures without permission first
Do not take pictures without permission first

Do not turn your back on one of the Buddha statues
Do not turn your back on one of the Buddha statues

Check the rates for local transportation
Check the rates for local transportation

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