This luxurious and modern hotel is located on the northwestern tip of the Mara Triangle in East Africa and boasts great views of the Great Rift Valley and the plains of Masai Mara and near the stunning Angama Mara Islands. It offers a high level of luxury to go into the most beautiful safari in Kenya, and is easily accessible By a one-hour flight from Wilson Airport, in addition to having a private airstrip just 10 minutes from the hotel.

The hotel is sparkling with modern architecture in the middle of the African jungle, and the hotel’s overall furnishings are adorned with Masai fabrics that resemble animal skin. The hotel is divided into two separate camps that include fifteen luxurious suites in the form of tents in each of them, in addition to large suites for families.

Tents are spread across the edge of the big cliff and are very similar to open apartments with glass windows extending 30 feet from floor to ceiling so that guests can enjoy a wide view of up to 180 degrees on the savannah jungle, as it is equipped with the latest air conditioners and luxurious interior bathrooms, in addition to the beds Comfortable large and distinctive furnishings, it is furnished with polished wooden floors and a spacious balcony with rocking chairs. The hotel’s international restaurant offers a menu of the most delicious local and international delicacies with many types of local drinks. Guests can enjoy candlelight dining in the heart of the bush or in their tents.

Moreover, the hotel includes a large swimming pool along with a gym with a glass-folded facade to transform from an indoor lounge to an outdoor lounge, in addition to a spa offering a range of massages and natural treatments. On the other hand, the hotel offers a range of distinct activities that include safari walking, hot air balloon rides and enjoyable excursions in the neighboring villages.

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