Important information about studying in Sweden

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It is a great step for you to decide to study outside your country, and the options in this field are unlimited. What makes Sweden a favorite destination for those looking to complete their studies abroad?
Studying in Sweden is something different from it in many countries, as its universities have an open climate with a focus on teamwork. This will provide you with valuable skills for your future.
Sites to see if you want to study at a Swedish university:
Study in Sweden (
This site is a comprehensive portal that covers all aspects of interest to those who wish to study in Sweden, and it is in English and addresses foreign students. The site shortens its visitors to many distances, so the visitor can search for all the academic programs offered by Swedish universities. This is in addition to the available scholarships, which have increased in importance after the free study has become limited to citizens and residents after many years of Sweden’s excellence in providing free higher education to students from all over the world. This site also helps you to choose the appropriate and required specialization. You can visit the site
Study in Sweden
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How to get a school seat in Sweden
(In one of the international programs, i.e. taught in English)
Applying for scholarships, the most important of which are university scholarships in which the student will study and scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute
Swedish Institute scholarships
To help open an account,
The University Admissions in Sweden
You can mail a (non-certified) copy of your university degrees to the same address

You can also send the TOEFL iBT score (must be between 80-90) via your personal TOEFL account (electronically and not via mail) to
The University Admissions in Sweden
After this step, you are waiting for the results of admission
Apply for residency in Sweden (online application)
Details on the website of the Migration Agency


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