Bucharest, the capital of Romenia, is blessed with the title Paris, Eastern Europe. It is a charming city, glowing with the splendor of history and the beauty of monuments that arouse passion and tell legendary stories.

Bucharest attracts more and more tourists who love its scenic nature and its magnificent scenes in castles, palaces and medieval architecture with charming styles.

Today we offer you a set of important tips to save money when traveling to Bucharest, where this beautiful city has advantages that make it essential on your list of flights in 2020 ..

Visit the free museums

The city of Bucharest offers unique types of museums, such as the Romen Museum, the Royal Palace Museum, the National Art Museum and most of the Bucharest museums offer weekly free visit dates that you can know online and save money.

Free parks and parks

Bucharest has many parks and parks that can be visited for free, including ancient and historical gardens and gardens that include playgrounds and lakes, and allow enjoying the magic of nature with the family for free and save money.

Shop in the old town

Make sure to shop and buy souvenirs at the old town’s shops and stores that offer goods at reasonable prices. There are also many cafes and restaurants that offer local dishes at reasonable prices.

Join our hiking tours

Free walking tours and exploring the city and its wonderful historical monuments are held in Bucharest. These tours reveal hidden treasures, unique areas and the opportunity to meet others from different cultures.

Choose to stay in a non-tourist area

When staying in Romenia, it is preferable to choose accommodation places outside the tourist area or away from the city center to provide accommodation expenses that may increase in prices in the tourist area.

Visit the University of Carroll Library

Carroll University in Bucharest offers a great library that can be accessed for free to enjoy reading important books and watch museum shows on the country’s ancient history.

Participate in free events

In the summer season, many artistic workshops, academic lectures, cultural festivals and other wonderful events are held that allow the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get to know others in an atmosphere of cultural exchange without spending money.

Try La Mara restaurants

La Mara Restaurants is a local chain of restaurants spread across Bucharest that offers the finest local meals at low prices making it a great choice for dining in the city with an experience of Romenian cuisine.

Discover the arts for free

Bucharest offers a unique and charming art scene in the atmosphere of Eastern Europe. Many art galleries and valuable exhibitions can be seen in the free art museums and exhibition halls, which also offer free seminars and training workshops for art lovers.

Use the metro

In Bucharest, it is preferable to rely on the metro, as it has a wide network covering all areas of the city, and it is considered a more economical option for transportation instead of taxis.

Take advantage of student discounts

If you are a student and hold your university card, you can take advantage of the discounts offered by many museums and cultural destinations in Bucharest.

Use paper money

While in Romenia, it is preferable to use paper money instead of credit cards, as Romenia imposes high fees on currency exchange via credit cards.

Take advantage of free sports activities

If you like sports, you can benefit from exercising for free through the fitness equipment available in some parks, such as Titan Park.

Some parks also offer basketball courts, tennis courts, and soccer fields, all of which are free, such as Alexandro Park, Titan Park, Azfour Park, Ewan Park, and others.

Historic ambience in Bucharest
Historic ambience in Bucharest

Fun times in Bucharest

Fun times in Bucharest

Bucharest is a charming city
Bucharest is a charming city

Unique architecture in Bucharest
Unique architecture in Bucharest

Tourism fun in Bucharest
Tourism fun in Bucharest

Unique landmarks in Bucharest
Unique landmarks in Bucharest

Money saving tips in Bucharest
Money saving tips in Bucharest

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