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Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous tourist and historical monuments in Europe, and is one of the seven wonders of the world, built for its display at the International Exhibition of Paris in the year 1889 AD, due to the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the French Revolution, and the construction of the tower began in the year 1887 AD, and continued for nearly twenty six months It was built by about fifty engineers, but the main engineer was Gustave Eiffel, who gave his name to the tower.

Build the tower

The engineer Eiffel used about 18,000 pieces of iron to make it, with a weight of about ten thousand tons. The tower is distinguished by its foundation on four columns with a square base measuring 125 m by 125 m. It was completed in March of the year 1889 AD, and the Eiffel Tower was officially opened on the sixth of May For the year 1889.

It was considered the Eiffel Tower for forty-one years as the tallest tower in the world with a height of 300 m, but lost the title to the Chrysler Building in New York, which reached a height of 319 m in 1930, then added a special antenna to reach a height of 327 m in 2011 m.

Eiffel Tower website

The Eiffel Tower is located in the French state, in the capital, Paris, specifically in the far northwest, near the Seine, and near the Champs-de-Mars park, visited by millions of tourists annually.

General information about the Eiffel Tower

  • The Eiffel Tower consists of three floors, and contains seven elevators, and also has two restaurants that provide meals for visitors, and visitors need about eight minutes in the elevator to reach the top of the tower.
  • The tower has been used in the past as an experimental laboratory for many scientists, such as doing weather-related experiments, free-fall objects, and climate knowledge through meteorology.
  • It is one of the important historical monuments, and included by UNESCO as a World Heritage List.
  • Three different shades of the same color were used to paint the tower in it, where the dark color was used at the base, the medium color in the center of the tower, and the lightest degree at the top of the tower.
  • To protect the tower from rust, it is periodically painted once every seven years, with approximately sixty tons of paint, and this is done manually.
  • Eng. Gustav Eiffel engraved the names of seventy-two of the most famous engineers of that time, in appreciation of their efforts.
  • The tower contains stairs consisting of one thousand six hundred and sixty-five steps, but it is forbidden to use them except in emergency situations, up to the level of the second floor only.
  • The tower is fully illuminated throughout the night, which gives a wonderful appearance on top of beauty.

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