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Hamby Village

Hampi Village is an ancient archeological village, located in northern Karnataka in India, and represents one of the most important monuments of Vijayanagara, the capital of the Hindu Empire of Vijayanagara, whose construction dates back to the fourteenth century AD, and includes many monuments, palaces, and temples Historical.

The India Gate stated

The Gateway of India is located in Mumbai, India, and it is considered one of its most prominent landmarks, and it has great national importance, bearing in mind that the construction of it was completed in 1911 AD to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary, while its opening It was by the year 1924 AD.

Red Fort

The Red Fort is located in the Indian city of Delhi. Its construction dates back to the era of the Fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan during the seventeenth century AD, and was then represented a palace and seat of the emperor.

The small villages of Badami, Ehul and Patadkal

These historical monumental villages are located along the Malabrabha River, and each one is between 9,66-32,19 km, and they represent archaeological villages that include many forts, caves, and temples carved into the rocks, in addition to other monuments dating back to the era of Chalukia dynasty that ruled the region of southern India between the two centuries: the sixth and twelfth centuries CE.

The ancient village of Halepedo

The village of Halebidu is located in the Indian state of Karnataka, and it is an ancient archeological village that includes many temples, and dates back to the era of the Huisala family that ruled the region during the twelfth century AD.

Sun Temple

The Sun Temple is a huge historical archaeological temple built by King Narasingha Deva I in the middle of the thirteenth century AD, and was used as a Hindu temple to worship the sun god (Syria), and the temple appears in the form of a high vehicle with huge wheels, and horses carved from Stone.

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