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Tourism tips India, travel to the state of India is often one of the unique experiences of those who visit it for the first time, because India is a huge country that includes many different cultures, religions and languages, in addition to the presence of many vast spaces in the picturesque natural areas, India includes what is not considered Myriad of tourist countries, especially the historical palaces, some of which have been converted into luxury hotels.
Besides the wonderful Indian cities and their restaurants that have an authentic Indian character and their traditional local markets where authenticity, traveling to India is an ongoing challenge for the body and thought together, where the Indian cities are packed with colors and movement and many wonderful natural reserves and antique historical monuments and their exotic foods rich in spices and spices, and here are the most important advice to travelers The Arabs.

India tourism tips before traveling for the first time:

  • The most common complaint amongst tourists traveling to India for the first time is a feeling of extreme stress and fatigue.
  • Take care to keep comfortable and loose pieces of clothing and do not forget to bring a pair of strong shoes to suit walking even long distances.
  • Flexibility in dealing, as traveling to India means facing large crowds, exposure to loud noises, and late buses and trains.
  • Be careful when the street passes, despite the beauty and splendor of India, it is one of the most crowded countries and often witnesses traffic accidents even in urban areas, as the streets there are a mixture of ordinary bicycles, cars and motorcycles.
  • Avoid going to places known to be violent, as well as not going out in remote places during the night, and in the event of something disturbing it is advisable to raise the volume and always keep the local emergency numbers.
  • It is advised to keep some of the Indian rupee currency, because it can be needed while purchasing local products from sellers while in the public markets.
  • Bargaining between prices, because Indian sellers greatly exaggerate the prices of products, so it is advisable to bargain over the price until reaching half.
  • Try any of the local foods, and consider purchasing them from restaurants and stalls that are known for their hygiene.
  • Try to enjoy the wonderful Indian culture as it is advised to enjoy one of the experiences there such as henna painting or Ayurvedic spa.

Preventive measures when traveling to India:

  • Obtain appropriate health insurance to cover any accidents.
  • You must undergo cherry, tuberculosis and gastroenteritis vaccines before traveling to India.
  • Avoid eating any of the fast-cooked foods and avoid buying exposed foods while roaming the streets of India.
  • Consult a physician and perform a comprehensive medical examination, and order some medications for bowel disorders as a precaution,
  • Avoid consuming spices and seasonings as much as possible, and drink plenty of clean fluids to avoid abdominal pain caused by too many spices in Indian foods.
  • Take care to take mineral water with closed bottles, which are only available in major cities, so if you plan to visit any of the small cities or villages, it is advised to take sufficient quantities of water.
  • Take care to get insect allergy medication in your travel bag, as some insects there irritate the skin.
  • Protect the body as much as possible from overheating, by wearing a light hat and being careful to stay in shade places, and try to go out during the early morning hours to enjoy the scenery before the scorching sun rays, or go out at afternoon time until the sunlight becomes less intense.
  • Avoid stray animals such as dogs and cats, as they may cause the transmission of some diseases.
  • Peeling and eating all fruits without peeling, as not peeling these fruits may cause stomach pain for the non-Indian.
  • It is advised to keep pills that relieve cold and cold symptoms, because the weather in India is constantly fluctuating, which increases the risk of colds at any time.
  • Avoid going to government hospitals in India for not being clean.

Great tips for India travelers:

  • Avoid seeing everything, and trying to see everything is one of the biggest mistakes that some make while exploring India, as this causes loss of pleasure in knowing the country and increases the feeling of fatigue, as India is a very large area and it is said that six months are not enough To explore a country like India.
  • Paying close attention to the customs and traditions of the Indians, in the absence of knowledge of the customs and cultures of the people, may lead to a lot of misunderstanding, for example, all Indians share the habit of taking off shoes before entering the home as well as before entering the holy places, and it is advised to eat and take things or give them to others with the right, not the left, hand.
  • Not spending all time inside Indian cities, as exploring the enchanting nature of India is in Indian villages, whose people are friendly and dusty with their guests.
  • Wearing modest clothing that covers the arms and legs, although the Indians understand well the cultural differences between them and other peoples and will not make any comments on the way to dress, except that if wearing modest clothing this matter will leave a good impression on the local population there.
  • Be wary of fraud and fraud, so it is advisable to purchase from trusted and government stores and avoid the use of credit cards in purchases.

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