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The city is located in the western side of India, along the left bank of the Saparmati River, the city belongs to the state of Gujarat, India, which is the largest city in the state, and the largest urban gatherings in India, and rises from the sea about 55 meters, and away from the southwestern side of the city of Delhi about 751 km.

History of Ahmedabad

The city was established in the year 1411 AD by Sultan Ahmed Shah, the ruler of Gujarat state, the city of Hindu Aswal is located next to the city, and the city was at that time one of the rich cities, but due to the chaos that occurred in the ruling family, the state weakened, and in 1572 AD the Mughal Emperor took control of it and remained so Until 1707 AD, then Britain took control of it in 1818 AD. During the era of British rule, the city witnessed remarkable growth as factories were opened there, including cotton factories, and it became one of the largest industrial centers in India, and one of the most densely populated cities. In 1960 AD, Ahmed became Abad is the provincial capital of the state And neighbors, and in 2001 the city suffered an earthquake destroyed a large collection of historic homes and places.

Sights in the city

There are many places in Ahmedabad that a visitor can visit, and the most important of these places are the following:

  • Ahmed Shah Mosque: The mosque is located on the southwestern side of the famous Bahadra Fort. The mosque was founded by Ahmad Shah in 1414 AD, and the mosque was the ruling family at that time.
  • Rani Sibri Mosque: The mosque is located in the southeastern part of the city, the mosque was established in 1514 AD, and is characterized by the presence of Hindu engineering.
  • Lake Kankaria: The lake is located on the southeastern side of the city, and the lake is distinguished by its polygon shape, as it was an ancient place for the great Mughal king Jahangir to meet his wife Nur Jahan, and now it is a station and a place for migratory birds.
  • Victoria Park: The park is located in the south side of Victoria Castle. The park is quiet, it is a suitable place to relax, as the garden includes a group of plants and flowers, in addition to being a station for migratory birds.


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