Indian city of Madras

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Indian city of Madras

The city of Madras is located in Tamil Nadu in the state of India, between longitudes 80.278470 and latitudes 13.087840, and the city rises above sea level by only 14 m, and its population is 4328063 people, and it follows the timezone (BURT), and the city also has among its territories an international airport called the airport Chennai International.

History of the Indian city of Madras in brief

We mention the most important historical events that have passed over the Indian city of Madras over the years as follows:

  • In the year 1639 AD, the Armenian and Portuguese merchants lived in the area of ​​Saint Thom, before the British came to it, and Madrasat was the abbreviated name for the fishing village of Madraspatnam.
  • In 1639 AD, a fort and a factory were built to become a trading center by the British East India Company, which had been making cotton fabrics locally, and both weavers and local merchants had settled near the fort in response to the English desire.
  • In 1652 AD, the St. George’s Fortress Factory was officially recognized as an administrative unit headed by a governor.
  • During the years (1668-1749), the company became more influential.
  • In 1801, Madras became the administrative and commercial capital of the English, when they placed their influence on southern India.
  • In 1996, the name Madras was changed to the city of Chennai formally by the government.

Landmarks of the Indian city of Madras

There are many historical, archeological and tourist attractions that the Indian city of Madras enjoys, among which are a large number of museums and institutes specialized in dance and music, the famous beach in addition to the National Park of Gyonde. It is also located in the city of Madras, the traditional site of the burial place of St. Thomas, which is St. Thomas Cathedral, The city has a port with modern transportation to the Indian Peninsula and various other attractions.


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