The history of Indian cuisine dates back to more than 7000 years BC and is considered among the most famous international kitchens as it is characterized by its delicious dishes in which many wonderful spices are used. Indian cuisine has been affected and affected by several kitchens through time such as Chinese, Greek, Romenian and Arabic cuisine thanks to the trade exchange that existed Among these civilizations. Indian cuisine has spread significantly in recent years, where it has become served in the most luxurious restaurants in all parts of the world, and perhaps the most famous of which is biryani and tikka liquefied chicken, and Indian dishes vary in different regions and states.


Indian cuisine is widely known for its appetizers that accompany main dishes and can be in the form of pies, cheese, soups or even kebabs.

Aloo tikki

Indian food
The Alu Tiki dish belongs to the chat family, that is, fried appetizers, which are sold in kiosks and is considered one of the most popular appetizers in Indian cuisine, as no house or restaurant is empty of it. The word Alo means potatoes. As for the word tikki, it means croquette (fried balls). Alo tiki balls are made from mashed potatoes, to which some spices are added, such as tamarind, ginger, coriander, mint, chickpeas, and fried in hot oil and often eaten hot or warm.


Indian eatingSunbosa pies are among the most famous Indian dishes and they became one of the basics of the Indian table during the 13th century, when the inhabitants got to know them through merchants from Central Asia. They are pancakes of flour stuffed with a mixture of mashed potatoes, onions, peas and lentils, and several spices are added to them and fried in hot oil, and they are often eaten with chutney sauce.

Paneer tikka

Indian foodThe word “Paneer” means Hindi cheese. Paneer is a tikka of the most popular type of paneer, where the cheese is cut into cubes and many spices and spices are added to it and grilled on charcoal. The tangerine paneer is an alternative to the chicken tikka dish as more than 30 percent of Indians are vegetarians.

Dahi puri

Indian foodThis dish is originally from Maharashtra, and is from Mumbai, and is among the most popular starters in India. Dahi Puri consists of small fried mullet bread pancakes, which are stuffed with a mixture of mashed potatoes, chickpeas marinated in turmeric, hot pepper and salt, then add the dates and hot green chitney chutney on top, pour the local yogurt over each pie and decorate with the sword (Indian noodle dessert), pomegranate seeds, coriander leaves and a few grains The cattle.

Chutney Chutney

Indian foodThe chutney sauce is one of the most famous sauces in India, where it accompanies many main dishes and even appetizers, and there are many types of chutney, perhaps the most famous of which is mint chutney sauce, chatnian with coconut, tomato chatney and mango chatni.

Main dishes

Indian cuisine is considered one of the richest kitchens in the world, as it has countless main dishes that differ in different regions, cultures and even religions. The main dishes in India can be either vegetarian or contain meat and fish. Spices and spices abound as well as the use of vegetables and herbs.

Kebab kebab

Indian foodThe kebab dish is one of the basics of Indian cuisine and its origin is due to the Indian Mughal Empire that brought it from Central Asia, and many changes have been made to it, especially the use of Indian spices and meat marinade in yogurt sauces. Kebabs can be made from beef, lamb, chicken and paneer cheese for vegetarians. Among the most popular types of kebab are tandoori chicken, skewer kebab, tondi kebab, tikka kebab and shami kebab.

Biryani Biryani

Indian foodBiryani is one of the most famous Indian dishes, and it is a rice dish (Basmati) with Indian spices and spices, with a kind of meat, either chicken, lamb, fish, or vegetables, for vegetarians. The way to prepare biryani varies from region to region, the most famous being Hyderabad, Lucknow, Calcutta, Lahore, Kashmir, and Delhi.


Indian foodDale stew is considered one of the finest and most delicious Indian dishes and is used in preparing dried peas, lentils or beans in the water, to which many Indian spices and spices are added in each region. It is often eaten with rice and the dish is called Dal Bhatt or with naan, roti or chapati.

Murgh Makhni

Indian food
Morgh Makhni dish or butter chicken is one of the most famous Indian dishes, as it is served in the most luxurious international restaurants, which is grilled chicken pieces in the style of tandoor or fried and cooked in creamy tomato sauce with spices, spices and herbs, including the famous Garam Masala spice. The dish is eaten with either rice or hot nan bread.

Rogan Josh

Indian foodThe origin of this dish dates back to Persia and it was introduced to the Kashmir of the Mughal Indians and this region became world famous for it, and Rogan Dujush is considered one of the wonderful Indian dishes as it is used in preparing lamb or goat meat cooked in broth with ginger, garlic and some spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, and onions and yogurt can be added The dish is dark red in color from the Kashmiri chili.

Meen Moilee

Indian foodThe Maine Molly dish is one of the most popular fish foods in India, and its origin is from the Kerala region on the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent. The local cuisine is characterized by the frequent use of fish as well as coconuts. Min Molly is one of the most popular dishes in the region and all of India. It uses the famous Pomfret fish and many spices, such as curry leaves, turmeric, coriander, and green hot pepper. Banana leaves, onions and coconut milk are added. Min Molly often accompanies a dish of basmati rice.

Sweets and drinks

Gulab Jamun

Indian foodThe gulab dagamon sweets is one of the most famous and best sweets in India and its origin is due to the northern regions where it is said that the cook of the Mughal Emperor Shah Daghan has prepared it by mistake, and sweets are quarts made from khoya dough (evaporated milk) to which little flour is added and fried in The oil is poured into it syrup made of rose water, cardamom and saffron.


Indian foodOne of the most popular dishes in India is the kulfi sundae, which is well known outside the borders of the country. It can be prepared in many flavors, such as rose, mango, cardamom and saffron, and often contain pistachios.


Indian foodOne of the most famous types of rice with milk is considered one of the best Indian foods, as it contains rice, bulgur, tapioca or noodles, milk and sugar, and cooked all, then added to the mixture cashew nuts, cardamom, almonds, pistachios and saffron.


Indian foodLassi is one of the most famous cold drinks in India and it is attended by fermentation of milk and the addition of sugar, rose water, lemon and fruits. It is more popular in Rajasthan, India, as well as in Sindh in Pakistan. The most popular type of lasso in mango is the lassi drink, which is sold all over the world.

Karak Masala tea

Indian foodIt is called Karak tea or Masala Chai. It is a black tea prepared with some Indian spices and herbs. Milk, ginger, cardamom and sugar are added to the mixture. Spices and herbs differ from one region to another where cinnamon, anise, nutmeg and other spices are added.
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