London is the British capital to which visitors from all over the world come.
But do you intend to visit London?
We definitely encourage you to visit London, to see the historical monuments and attractions.
But before visiting London, you should pay attention to a set of advice that may fall into it and will cost you more dollars and funds.
Therefore, the Arab Travelers website guides you to the most appropriate solutions and advice in your visit there.

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Tips for saving your money in London:

1- Using the subway in all your movements: We always advise travelers during their travel, to travel through public transport.
But it is not a good idea to visit London, as you can move on foot to reach London with you.
But if things are difficult for you and you must ride to transport. We advise you to take London buses, they are cheaper than underground trains to reach your destination.
It is easy to use as well as your ability to see London landmarks while you are on the bus.

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2- Lack of an Oyster Card: Many travelers to London do not know the Oyster Card.
This card that will facilitate your movements in London, through which you will get discounts on all public transportation.
It allows you to ride the means cheaper than it is, and sometimes it comes to the fact that you pay half the price of the basic ticket.
So, make sure that when you visit London, you buy it immediately upon your arrival in London. How to save your money when traveling to London 3
3- Tipping:

Experts always advise you not to pay tipping in London, unless you are satisfied with the level of service provided to you, whether it be in the hotel, restaurant or any other place.
In other words, tipping is not mandatory in London.
Of course if you leave the tip it will be appreciated.
But in most cases, tipping is considered a reward and not an obligation.

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Tips on how to use credit cards while you travel 14- Restaurants in London:

Be aware that being in restaurants and eating continuously is difficult, and it will cost you more and more money.
Especially if you are those restaurants located near the tourist places.
It is a difficult equation difficult to achieve, especially in London.
So we always advise you to head to the markets with good prices.
Or go to the supermarkets, where you will find what you need and according to your budget.

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