The Peace Palace Hotel is one of the most important Saudi hotels, as it has many features such as: unique design, location, integrated facilities, and high-level services. Therefore, the Arab Travelers website offers you the topic of the Peace Palace Hotel to learn about the various details of the hotel, its facilities, and its various services, And his famous revolving restaurant; as well as explaining the different ways of communicating with him through the Arab Travelers website.

Advantages of the Peace Palace Hotel:

  • It occupies a privileged location in the city of Abha.
  • It is one of the landmarks of Abha.
  • It is famous for its unique architectural design.
  • Many customers praised the quality of its services and features.
  • It takes only ten minutes by car to travel to Abha Mall.
  • It is only nineteen kilometers from Abha International Airport.
  • There are also many tourist and commercial attractions and government facilities close to it.
  • The hotel provides transportation services between the hotel and the airport for guests.
  • Free parking available.
  • It includes a restaurant that serves breakfast buffet.
  • It provides menus for different dieters upon request.
  • It provides distinguished room service.
  • It offers high-quality rooms and suites that include many support devices for the comfort of guests such as: air conditioning, TVs, fridge, wardrobe and a private deposit box.
  • It houses a private business center and provides private meeting spaces.
  • It provides free Wi-Fi to all guests.
  • Its reception is open 24 hours.
  • Provides ironing and laundry services.
  • It includes a revolving restaurant, which is characterized by conducting a full session every forty-five minutes, allowing panoramic view of the entire city of Abha.
  • The site won a number of international quality certificates such as ISO, and it also won the Al-Muftah Award for Best Hotel Services in the Asir region in the year 1434 AH.
  • To book a hotel room, you can visit the hotel or call the hotel number: 072281000.
  • Hotel website:

Stay at the Peace Palace Hotel:

  • The hotel includes sophisticated suites for businessmen and VIPs, in addition to private suites for grooms.
  • It offers a large number of single and double rooms.
  • It provides free breakfast.
  • Room service, concierge services and ironing and laundry services operate throughout the day.
  • Free internet access is provided.
  • The suites include a safety deposit box.
  • There is a fridge with some snacks.
  • There is a large TV.

Facilities of the Peace Palace Hotel:

  • Includes a distinctive revolving restaurant.
  • It includes a special coffee shop for families on the ninth floor and is characterized by providing complete privacy for each family, in addition to providing the most delicious types of food and drinks.
  • It also has a coffee shop for ninth floor colleagues and friends on the ninth floor.
  • The eleventh floor occupies a distinctive circular view that gives the opportunity to enjoy watching the various sights of Abha.
  • There are special places for families and singles.
  • It provides the opportunity to see interesting fireworks during the special events of Abha Summer Festival.
  • The hotel has a club for various exercises, and the club includes the latest sports equipment, a health fitness specialist, and a coach.

Services of the Peace Palace Hotel:

  • The hotel provides transportation services between the hotel and the airport through modern cars and skilled drivers.
  • It provides an integrated and distinctive set of services needed to hold external parties for various types of occasions; this includes providing tables and chairs, preparing the place with bedspreads, flowers, candles; serving food and drinks; and catering services.
  • To enjoy party services, you can come to the hotel headquarters or call the following phone number: 072283000.
  • The hotel also provides services for families’ internal parties, and this takes place on the ninth floor, which includes several special places for it, such as the Peace Hall and Habla Hall.
  • The hall is prepared and provided with the services attached to it, according to the wishes of the party’s curator.

Peace Palace Hotel offers:

  • The hotel offers a special offer for grooms that includes free breakfast at the restaurant on the tenth floor, and a free fruit and tart basket to welcome; it also offers free use of the contents of the refrigerator, and a special discount for lunch and dinner in the revolving restaurant.
  • Each guest with a VIP card receives a 20% discount on all hotel services.
  • The hotel offers special offers for teachers and people with special needs.

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