Information about Adren’s Castle and its location

المسافرون العرب

Our article today revolves around information about Adren Castle and its location, as this castle is one of the historical and archaeological castles in the city of Tabuk, and its place in the land of the Arabian Peninsula, and since ancient times it is one of the most important pillars that the Turks relied heavily on in the process of transporting weapons and soldiers to places The fighting inside the Arabian Peninsula region, and it also gained its great importance because it was a place where prisoners of war were gathered and from there they headed directly to Turkey.
The Turks built it at a time when the Arabian Peninsula was under the control of the Turkish army, as this castle was notorious for the many murders and injustices it had.
So, during our article today, we will shed light on the Warden Castle, its importance, construction, and geometry in detail through Arab travelers, so follow us.

Information about Adren’s Castle and its location

In many different myths and narrations, the main reason for naming the castle with this name is due to the city of Al-Qassim, due to the fact that there was a woman who lived in the city, and she was called the heart of a valley, and she was married to a man who loved her so much, and this man could not refuse to valleys An important request cost him, but one day she asked her husband to take her on a trip to the area outside the seas, and because he was a loving husband for his wife, he fulfilled her request and took the boat.
However, the waves surprised them, capsized the boat and crashed in the water, and this led to the husband sank while Wadden did not drown, and clung to the wreckage of the boat until the water pulled it to the beach, and there was a castle where no one existed, and Wadden was able to take from this castle a suitable place in order to be able From living in it.
Before she died, Wadden wrote books about her life and her story, and after she died, scientists were able to discover the location of the island, and to know Wadden’s story. Therefore, they called Wadden the name of the castle to commemorate this woman.

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And know the language

Some say that the name Wadin is a name consisting of two words: the first is (Wadi), and the second word is (Ren).
In the English language, for the words that make up Adren’s name, Rin means rain.
The main reason for using the English language is that the Turks have hired many English and italyn engineers to build the railway station.

Where is Adren’s Castle located?

  • This castle is considered one of the ancient castles in the area of ​​the Arabian Peninsula, which carries a great indication that the Ottoman rule was in control of the rule in the region.
  • In order to be able to tighten his grip, the Ottoman regime used the wisdom of the intimidation and intimidation system, and the governed responded to them in order to avoid punishment and retribution.
  • Because of the great and historical importance this castle holds, it is receiving great attention by the government in Saudi lands, the Kingdom’s government has undertaken engineering renovations and restructuring of the castle under the full supervision of the Agency of Museums and Antiquities in the Kingdom, in order to maintain this castle remains due to the historical significance Its to remain steadfast.

The structural and engineering shape of Wadrin Castle

  • It is a fortress consisting of two main floors, on the first floor is a Al Bahah and it is characterized by an uncovered Al Bahah, as there are stairs connecting between the first and second floors, a mosque without a roof and a good number of rooms.
  • The Turks built the prison in the castle and this prison has tools for torture and beatings of detainees, which are metal tools, and there is a statue of a torturer and a prisoner
    Inside Adren Castle and water well there are observation towers
  • Today, Adren Castle is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the Kingdom, so tourists from all over the world come to take souvenir photos with it.
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