Al-Mursal village in Jeddah, or as it is called the city that does not sleep, due to the many picturesque tourist places that attract a lot of tourists to it, when you visit it you wish not to sleep in order to take advantage of all times to see the tourist attractions in this village, where it was designed Satisfactory to all tastes, and it contains many interests in various fields, as it is distinguished by its distinguished geographical location located along the Red Sea, and in the following article in the Arab travelers we learn more about the village of Al-Mersal.

Al-Mersal Village, Jeddah

Al-Mersal Village or Jungle Land Village, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Jeddah, and the nearby has been equipped with the highest technical techniques that make it one of the strongest tourist attractions. Indeed, at the level of the Middle East, the village contains a number of tourist attractions and recreational services, as well as amusement parks for adults and children, a large number of restaurants and shopping malls, clothing centers, and many other entertainment services.
The village was opened in 1999 AD, and it was designed at the highest level at this time, and the village was designed in a rural way, on the basis that tourism for this village is a rural tourism, and the village was considered the first center to attract tourists from various places around the world where the village always works to provide All amenities for visitors.

Advantages of the village of Mersal

Al-Mersal or Jungle Land is considered one of the most beautiful villages, so it has a large percentage of student school visits, through school trips, where students can spend enjoyable times inside the village, through games and enjoy theatrical performances, and enter the ghost house, which makes a large case Of passion and excitement, and many fun water games, the village also displays many international performances that are held inside the circus, which is one of the most exciting things for children, while providing the best meals for children and providing all ways of fun in order to spend the best times.
The village is also one of the most beautiful places that families go to on weekends and vacations, as it provides appropriate services for all family members from all directions, whether recreational or games and cabarets, restaurants and cafes as it provides family comfort and provides a state of comfort and calm and recreation, as it is interested in presenting some appropriate programs and offers For families, there are also some commercial centers in the village that provide the goods and goods that the family needs during its two rounds, and during which they offer the strongest offers and discounts.
Also, one of the most beautiful offers that the village offers is the Black Offers, which provide free access, but these offers only work during the summer vacation period, while providing all the necessary guarantees for the safety of individuals, as well as providing a Formula car racing game.

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