Information about Al Warsan Lake – the most beautiful lake in Dubai

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The most important thing you should know about Al Warsan Lake, Dubai has four lakes: Burj Khalifa Lake, Hatta Lake, Al Qudra Lake, and Al Warsan Lake which we are going to get to know today, and perhaps what the Emirati citizen residing in Dubai needs, or the tourist is those natural places that he can For his loved ones and friends to have fun in rafting, camping, barbecues and more.
This is in addition to his interest in obtaining a degree of calm and comfort, and enjoying the beauty of these lakes, which many visitors prefer to register with pictures, therefore, through our next article on Arab travelers we review the most important information about Lake Al Warsan

Dubai’s Four Lakes

Burj Khalifa Lake

  • The lake is the most famous of the four lakes, it contains fountains that are more than 280 meters high, and whose beauty increases with the international music that harmonizes with the bursting of water from them, as well as dancing on those charming lights at night.
  • This lake was built on an area of ​​thirty acres, which gives you the opportunity to sail the boat on your own, alone or in the company of friends. You may put it on your list every time you fly to Dubai.
  • Dancing fountain performances start from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and include nine impressive performances with music and light accompaniment.
  • It is worth noting that the lake has two day shows, but the best, which many aspire to visit and spend time and enjoy.
  • Burj Khalifa Lake is located in the downtown area, between Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

Hatta Lake

This lake is located in the southeast of the Emirate of Dubai, specifically in the Hatta region, which is a haven for Emiratis and visitors to the Emirate of Dubai to escape from heat and humidity.
The lake also allows its visitors to do kayaking activities, and hopes the picturesque nature of the lake and take pictures next to the turquoise waters.

Lake of ability

  • It is located in the middle of the Saih Salam and Bab Al Shams Desert, and many like being in it for hiking and recreation. Lake of ability is calm and beautiful, and it is considered a safe haven for all its visitors.
  • Migratory birds vary to take shelter in Lake Al-Qidra, reaching approximately seventy-one species, including swarms of ducks and geese that inhabit the water, of course, and there are those who fly in the sky of the lake, and there are those who fall from being on its shore.
  • Also among these birds are threatened with extinction, such as the beaked hawk and the Asian squid.
  • There are also wonderful animals such as deer, foxes, and oryx that gracefully sit on the sand dunes of the shores of the lake.
  • In addition to the extension of many dense trees on the road leading to the lake, such as Shar Al Ghaf, which overshadows the coast of lakes, and sets up recreational sessions with them.
  • Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai, has chosen the area of ​​Al Qudra Lakes to contain an artificial lake, located exactly in the middle of the Dubai desert. It is designed in the form of interlocking love hearts. Lake is lined with trees in the form of the word Love and is called the Lake of Love.

Al Warsan Lake

  • This lake is located in Dubai International City, in a region called the Warsan neighborhood, which has a population of 1.422 people, and an area of ​​approximately 17.1 square kilometers.
  • The lake was not old in the name of the neighborhood as it is now, but it was named after Wimey Pits, which are two lakes connected to each other.
  • What adds to the beauty of Al Warsan Lake is the presence of many birds in its flanks, which tweet in an audible voice in the space around the lake, creating an uplifting atmosphere and a wonderful opportunity for calm and recreation.
  • This was the most important information about Dubai Lakes, and the entertainment it can do differently and naturally for its visitors.

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