Amirgan or Amirjan is considered one of the most beautiful, oldest and largest public parks in Istanbul, especially in Turkey and in general Turkey. This park extends over an area of ​​470 thousand square meters. This park is located in Sariyer district in the far north of Istanbul, where it is close to Istinya Park commercial complex, and dates back The establishment of this garden during the reign of Sultan Murad IV, the Ottoman ruler, followed by the sultans of the Ottoman Empire in various eras until Khedive Ismail, the ruler of Egypt and Sudan, came to buy it, and in the Byzantine period the garden was known as the cypress forest, because it was covered by cypress trees, and the park is now considered a visited shrine For those who want me to relax and recreation, and always Erdtadha visitors on holidays, holidays, vacations, and so what the park left untouched from the stunning natural scenes and you more details on Arab travelers.

What distinguishes Amirgan Park:

  • In the garden there is a spot dedicated to free chess.
  • There are many local restaurants serving traditional Turkish meals.
  • The garden is an ideal haven for all those who want rest and relaxation and who want to be away from the stress of life.
  • The garden includes a number of facilities such as cafes, mosques and bathrooms, where snacks are served and ice cream is served.
  • There are some places designated for children’s games to enjoy.
  • In the garden there is a very impressive lake where geese and ducks swim.
  • The park includes a number of green spaces suitable for jogging and walking, as well as some exercise.
  • The park is supervised by the Istanbul municipality, where they supervise the prices in cafes and restaurants and supervise the cleanliness of the park, so there is no opportunity for exploitation.
  • Since 2005, the spring festival of tulips has been organized inside the garden.
  • While in the park, you can see the suspension bridge connecting Europe and Asia.
  • In the garden there are a lot of huge and high trees that squirrels inhabit greatly, as it spreads on the branches of these trees many types of birds of different sizes and types such as black crows, pigeons and parrots.
  • The garden is adorned with a number of impressive artificial waterfalls.
  • There are a number of toilets in the garden, many shops and small cafeterias, and a number of stalls selling juices and ice cream.

The easiest way For Amiriye Kurosu:

  • The taxi is the quickest and easiest way to reach the Emirgan Park, where you can go to Taksim Independence Square in exchange for 50 pounds.
  • It is possible to get to the park from Taksim or the Ortakoy neighborhood and ride any public transport bus such as bus 42T or bus 40T or bus 40, and ask the driver to get off in front of the garden door, and in the case of riding from the Kabatash station, ride any of the following buses 22, 22RE , 25E.
  • It is possible to reach the park through the metro to Hajji Osman, then go to Istanbul Technical University Station, as the park is located very close to it.

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