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In the following article, we show you the most important information about Antakya Turkey and the nature of life in it, because Antakya is a Turkish city, as it is the capital of Hatay Province, and in the old times the city was subordinate to the Ottoman lands in Syria, but after the French Mandate and the First World War, Turkey annexed the city to it And what distinguishes it is that it is a very important tourist attraction in the country, as it contains ancient Roman ruins, and it also combines the fragrant history, with the beauty of nature, and the country is famous for many delicious local foods and foods, and the types of sweets that tourists seek to obtain from Their visit to the city, as it manufactures many of the products it exports to various parts of the world, such as soap, olive oil and silk products, and the city’s population reached 218,568 people according to the statistics presented in the year 2014 AD, and we will show you through the following paragraphs of Arab travelers Highlight information about it.

Information about Antakya Turkey and its location

Antakya is located in Hatay Province in the east of the state of Turkey, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and the distance between it and the borders of the State of Syria is 19 km, and its location is very close to the mouth of the Orontes River, as for its location on the longitude lines, the city lies between the 12 طول longitude lines 36 ° N, and the latitude over which the city is located is 9′36 °, while its height reaches one hundred and four meters above sea level.

Antika climate

Many people are keen to know the nature of the climate in Antakya, because the weather helps in visiting the city in times of moderate climate, and the city is characterized by a moderate climate compared to the rest of the tourist destinations in the world, which makes it a tourist attraction for visitors.
In the winter, the temperature decreases, and reaches 4 degrees Celsius, especially in January, and it rains a lot in this month, and the weather begins to become pleasant in April, because the average temperature is 11 degrees Celsius, and then the temperature begins to rise to reach To 24 degrees Celsius in August, and for the period of October, the average temperature in the city becomes 14 degrees Celsius.

Economy in Antakya

The city relies on its economy to sell agricultural products, because of the fertility of the soil and the abundant presence of water resources. The people grow various crops of fruits and vegetables, such as grapes and olives, in addition to rice and wheat, and many of its residents work in making soap and extracting olive oil. And the presence of cotton grain factories, the manufacture of silk, clothing and shoes, as well as the manufacture of knives, and a lot of other manufacturing industries.

The most important tourist attractions of Antioch

The city has a history of many civilizations erected on its land, containing many monuments bearing a religious reference, in addition to the natural places visited by tourists from all over the world, and among the most prominent monuments in Antakya:

  • Mount Sibelius

At the top of this mountain there are castles dating back to the Byzantine civilization and Roman civilization, as well as castles that date back to the Emperor Theodosius I, and that was between the date of 379 and 395 AD, and the castles and huge buildings were built during the reign of King Naqfur II Focus in The year 969 AD.

  • Antakya Archeology Museum

The museum was opened in the year 1948 AD, and includes many relics dating back to Roman and Byzantine civilization that were discovered in the city, in addition to mosaics that date back to the time between the first century and the fifth century AD, and the museum also contains a huge showroom.

  • St. Peter’s Church

That church was a cave in ancient times, and the inhabitants who converted to Christianity worshiped in it and performed various rituals, and it is worth noting that it was from that church that those who followed Christ Jesus, peace be upon him, were called Christians.

  • Daphne

This region contains beautiful waterfalls, a large area covered in green and trees, in addition to fresh water, and legends tell that Zeus transformed a beautiful nymph called Daphne into a laurel tree in that region.

  • The Alexandretta

This area was known as Alexandria, and this is in relation to the king who founded it and made it a seaport, which is Alexander the Great. This region is located on the coast of the Mediterranean, and it is still used as a port until today.



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