Information about Atlantis, the lost city

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In the following paragraphs we show you information about Atlantis, the lost city, as Atlantis or what is called Atlantica is a mythical island located in the western side of the Strait of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean, and this legend has spread more than two thousand and five hundred years ago, and that island indicates a society that distinguished its people for progress In different fields, such as natural resources, architecture, and military power, some scholars say that Atlantis refers to a large region that resembles the continent, and that the continent contains various types of animals and plants, as well as fertile soil, fresh water and many features, and we will show you In the following article from Arab travelers the story of the lost Atlantis.

Information about Atlantis, the lost city

The legend of the lost city of Atlantis is part of fictional myths, and scientists have not been able to find any evidence to indicate that this city really exists, and was mentioned for the first time when Plato described the city, through his literature that included a dialogue entitled “Timaeus”, and in this dialogue Plato describes the conversation that took place between Pythagoras and Socrates, and another man named Cretias, and this man was talking about and describing the legend of the city of Atlantis.

Atlantis description

The philosopher Plato described the city, as he mentioned it as an icon for engineering and architecture, so many engineers and architects lived in it, and he said that it contains a lot of huge palaces, large ports, temples, streets and sidewalks, and it was reported that the city was built on a hill surrounded by water, which He helped ships to pass and reach, as the water channels surrounding the hill were connected to the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the secret of Atlantis

Plato wrote many books in describing the city of Atlantis, and he said in his writings that the ruler of the city is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Poseidon built the city with the aim of expressing his love for his wife, so he chose a hill in the sea and built the city on it, and the philosopher Plato indicated that Many of the engineers who lived in the field of architecture lived in the city, and they also managed to access advanced technology. As for the mountains in the city, the wealthy village dwellers inhabited it.
Plato said that the end of the island came when the god angered Zeus and made threats to destroy the city, but Plato did not mention whether Zeus actually fulfilled his promises and threats and whether or not he destroyed Atlanch.

Theories about Atlantis

Plato said that the city of Atlantis is located on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and that island is located behind the pillars of Hercules, but the city has been completely submerged in the Atlantic Ocean, no one has been able to infer it, and there are no other records that speak of it other than the literature and dialogues written by the philosopher Plato.
The city has been described in many cases as fictional and mythical and did not exist in real life, and at other times it has been said that it is a historical and real place steeped in the ocean, and with the efforts of scientists to develop oceanography, in addition to developing maps that describe the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the scientists They could not find any evidence to prove the existence of that city in the past, but there were many other theories that indicate the existence of the city already in the past, and among these theories:

  • Before the island of Atlantis already existed, but it had sunk into the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Some scientists have said that the island of Atlantis is originally the continent of Antarctica.
  • Among the most prominent theories, the city of Atlantis is a legendary island indicating the flooding of the Black Sea.
  • Some experts have said that the story of Atlantis is a legendary story invented by Plato.
  • Some indicated that the island is one of the Greek islands that had a civilization before 2500 BC.



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