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In detail, the experiences of the Baghdad Airport Hotel are among the most famous hotels in the city with a 4-star category. What are its various advantages? Didn’t he mean by many tourists? What services does the hotel provide? In addition to the various activities, we will get to know them in detail on the Arab Travelers website, which will make your stay very impressive.

About Baghdad Airport Hotel:

Baghdad Airport Hotel is located inside the international airport, it is equipped with a restaurant that serves a buffet in addition to a bar to drink different drinks, shared lounges, many different entertainment facilities and a 24-hour reception desk, and you will find many different activities and sports that you will want to participate in.
Baghdad Airport Hotel is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from the Rahman Mosque and many important landmarks in the city, which makes it easy to explore its various features and move between them.
The number of rooms in the hotel is one hundred rooms, all of which are prepared to serve tourists in order to have a unique stay.

Amenities offered by the Baghdad Airport Hotel:

  • The hotel has a fitness center, as well as tables to play billiards and tennis, places to play soccer with your family and if you love basketball you will find a private basketball court.
  • Room service operates 24 hours in addition to reception and allows you to clean and iron clothes and wash them by regular washing or steam drying.
  • The service allows you to transfer you to the hotel or from the hotel completely free of charge. This will definitely help you to explore Baghdad and its various places and move around easily and without any problems with crowded public transportation.
  • Whatever the problem you have, they will endeavor to solve it, and the crew is very friendly and provides luggage storage space as well.
  • The internet is available in all parts of the hotel and you do not pay additional fees to get it and the network is excellent and very fast so that you can transfer your experience to your friends and relatives and communicate with them from anywhere in this wonderful hotel.
  • The hotel offers you a special website for cars if you have brought your car with you, but you have to pay additional fees and clarify your need for a car park while booking, and the cost of the parking for the residents is $ 10 per night.

Food and Drink:

The hotel provides breakfast service to your room.
At the hotel you will find many wonderful restaurants, which offer a wonderful view of the charming city.
You can have a refreshing drink in the hallway and take a break.
You can go to the bar to drink one or more of your favorite drinks and change your psychological state.

Meetings and business services:

It provides a comprehensive business center which will strengthen your links with businessmen in Baghdad.
You can book a room for a meeting with your co-workers or private rooms by preparing gigantic banquets and barbecue venues.
Provides a photocopying service or faxing it.

Hotel amenities:

You can take a break or watch TV that has a large number of different satellites and TV channels to suit all tastes.

Hotel room accessories:

In each room you will find luxurious seating chairs, as well as air conditioning, a mini fridge and a mini bar. You can also iron your clothes yourself if you prefer.
There is an alarm clock in the room if you are afraid of placing the phone next to you while you are sleeping in the interest of your safety and also gives you wonderful displays for an unforgettable experience in Baghdad Airport Hotel.

Baghdad Airport Hotel rooms:

The rooms vary among themselves at the Baghdad Airport Hotel to include:

  • Superior Double Rooms: The room is equipped with two beds and is available for two people. The two small beds can be replaced by a large bed for married couples, the room is air-conditioned, and enjoys a breathtaking romantic view to spend the best romantic times by newly married or to spend time in an atmosphere of calm and luxury.
  • Superior Single Room: The room contains one large bed and can accommodate two people, you will feel a lot of pride in your breakfast on this comfortable American bed and you will not want to leave it for good.
  • Deluxe Double Room: It provides a bed for two persons and the maximum number for a room is two persons
  • Deluxe Single Room: It provides a bed for one person and is equipped with all the luxuries he needs from seats, toiletries, wipes, TV and hair dryer for an unforgettable vacation in Baghdad Airport Hotel.
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