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Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower is distinguished by its location in the middle of Cairo which is the official capital of Egypt, specifically on the island of Zamalek in the Nile River, and this tower was built of reinforced concrete, in the period between the years 1956_1961 AD, and was designed by engineer Noam Shabib, where it was adopted in the design of a lotus flower Egyptian, which dates back to Pharaonic origins, to denote ancient Egyptian civilization, and its height reaches about 187 m.

Cairo Tower features

The Cairo Tower is one of the prominent landmarks in Cairo, where the number of tourists who wish to visit it is frequent, in order to enjoy a view of its distinctive design, which symbolizes ancient Egyptian civilization, it is composed of sixteen floors, and a base made of Aswan granite stones, which the ancient Egyptians used, to construct Their temples and cemeteries, and at the present time the number of arrivals on this tower is increasing, especially visitors coming from Arab countries, who wish to climb to its roof, which is characterized by its magnificent view of Cairo, where the period of climbing to the surface does not take more than seconds, and through which it is possible to A tourist from seeing many important places in Egypt such as the television building, the Sphinx, the Nile, Salah El-Din Castle, Al-Azhar and the Pyramids, in addition to the ability of visitors to have lunch in the restaurants available in this tower, the most important of which is the circular restaurant located on the 14th floor, which It is characterized by its rotation around a fulcrum that enables the visitor to see Cairo, and contains nineteen tables, each of which accommodates five people, and the ability to enjoy eating different types of juices and drinks from the top of the tower.

Building the Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower was built during the era of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, at a cost that reached about six million pounds, and the goal of President Gamal Abdel Nasser from behind building this tower was to remain an important and prominent landmark throughout history, so that the Egyptian people learn how to preserve their dignity despite Circumstances.

Renovating the Cairo Tower

The Egyptian Arab Contractors Company worked on the renovation and restoration of the Cairo Tower, and the renewal process continued for a period of two years that started in the year 2006 AD and remained for the year 2008 AD. The total cost of this process amounted to about 15 million pounds. , Build a ladder for emergency situations, an elevator for visitors, make changes and developments on its main entrance, finish all the facades in it, and put new lighting outside this tower.

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