Information about Citystars Cairo Mall is one of the best malls and shopping centers in Cairo and is located in the Nasr City area, which opened in 2004 so that it is one of the largest commercial complexes, and is one of the first integrated development projects of its kind at the level of Africa and the Middle East, and is considered the largest commercial center that exists In Egypt, Citystars Cairo is considered the best marketing destination because it includes a large number of shops that number more than 643 stores, where it displays the best local and international products for clothes, electrical appliances, accessories, bags and shoes.
This is in addition to the fact that it includes a number of the most famous restaurants in it that provide the most delicious and delicious dishes from various international kitchens, and there are entertainment places dedicated to children and includes wonderful entertainment games suitable for all ages, and it simulates the Citystars Cairo model of the style of ancient Egyptian civilization as it is composed of three glass pyramids Partially surrounded by eleven towers in addition to the presence of a separate huge building This building is a shopping mall complex and in this article for Arab travelers we will get to know it in more detail.

Components of Citystars Cairo Mall:

It is noticeable that the infrastructure of Citystars Mall is advanced and equipped with multiple media networks and many services such as customer services, in addition to the presence of more than 6000 vehicle facilities in order to facilitate indoor parking, in this huge commercial center, Males is presented with an unparalleled choice in entertainment means And the choice of retail trade, as it combines a number of big brand names all in one place, and Citystars Cairo consists of:

  • medical Center.
  • Three hotels These hotels contain more than 1500 rooms and suites.
  • It contains an international exhibition center with an area of ​​20,000 square meters.
  • A shopping and entertainment center.
  • Residential towers and two living towers containing 266 luxury apartments overlooking the mall.
  • Office towers with a width of 70,000 m 2.
  • Two towers for office and business people.
  • Integrated tower in body care, spa and body care.

The stages of this mall:

  • The development of the mall is still ongoing as the first stage of it took place and included nearly three hundred stores. These stores vary between antiques, clothing, furniture and electrical appliances, alongside the presence of the cinema complex, which contains 16 screens, and contains a recreational park inside and a number of restaurants.
  • While the second phase of it contains, in which nearly two shops and fifty shops were opened, along with supplying the number of screens as they reached 21 screens, so the mall is considered one of the integrated places where it is possible to spend a pleasant time, between the pleasure of shopping and accommodation, while eating the tastiest and most delicious cuisine All this in the same place without much mobility.

The most important activities that can be taken in the Citystars Cairo Mall:

  • You can shop from more than 640 stores, all of them for international brands, in addition to the presence of many local stores and different retail outlets where the most appropriate choice can be made from these outlets.
  • Visiting the third floor of the mall, which is a number of shops that are similar to the shops in Khan Al-Khalili, but they are modern.
  • Visit the internal gardens that the complex contains and which are characterized by its beauty, as it has about 21 screens for cinematic presentation.
  • Going to the amusement park accompanied by children, this amusement park contains a roller coaster and contains electric cars and more than ninety video games.
  • Visit any of the cinemas in the mall and watch movies that are shown in 7D resolution.
  • Go to any of the cosmetic or medical centers in the complex that have the largest skin and body care centers.
  • Go to the international restaurants section, in which the best and best drinks and meals are served.



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