Learn about the best, fastest and most unique trains in Europe in the world Do you prefer it and see it as a convenient way to travel and travel without any other means? So, you are interested in knowing the best European trains and the prices of trains in different European countries that are interested in providing the best and most distinguished services to their passengers, as well as being a convenient and fast means of transportation at the same time. The train in European countries is a completely different world from what we know from the traditional trains, as it is Among the means of transportation that compete with the speed of the real missile and provide its passengers with many recreational services, from foods, drinks and comfortable comfortable seats to bathrooms, libraries and playrooms for children, all that and more you will find inside European trains and it will be sociable for you on your trips The night that lasts for many days sometimes, certainly will not get bored at all.
Railways (trains) are spread in Europe that help all continents to travel easily, which has become one of the most important trips that tourists aspire to because it gives them an opportunity to enjoy the unparalleled nature of unparalleled as well as a safe and fast way. Europe’s cities have a lot of diverse transportation options, but for those who want to have fun and relax during their travel from city to city within the continent of Europe, trains are the perfect choice because train stations are usually located in the heart of big cities, and rides in them, in addition to that it transports him to a place he wants to reach, can It is considered one of the most beautiful tours that a person can take regardless of whether he is a tourist or a resident.For reservations on European trains, the ticket can be purchased via railway stations spread in all countries or via the Internet and the price does not differ, regardless of the method of reservation, except in very simple rates that are negligible, amenities are available in European trains as the wagons are spacious and contain a good number Of comfortable passenger seats, along with some luggage spaces, and a spacious, luxurious restaurant for dining, relaxing and resting. Advance reservation is provided in the price of the ticket, which is often accompanied by promotional offers, and flights can be booked before arriving in the country, meaning that the tourist can plan the train trip They are in b For their countries and before their travel, they confirm their reservation from their country via the Internet, and they can also choose from several different groups that are presented as offers for their country and accompanied by free tickets for children under the age of four, and half-value tickets for children and the elderly and discounted for young people between the ages of 12 to 25 years, as these Cards vary in terms of validity period, some of them are continuous and others are flexible through which the days corresponding to the validity period can be determined.For the environment lover, perhaps what encourages movement or a trip on the train is the knowledge that the trains do not cause pollution and are environmentally friendly, because these railway systems are designed with high efficiency and to preserve the environment. It is worth noting that European train stations provide all instructions and services to travelers through large guides and distributed throughout, which show the flight number, time and starting platform, as well as trained staff to provide the highest levels of good service. Read also: The best European economic airlinesOne of the most important things that makes Europe’s trains more distinct is the continuity of their parts and their interconnectedness via rail and modern means of transportation, those means that link their countries and make transportation more enjoyable and comfortable, and today we will accompany you with us on a distinguished journey during which we get to know the best European trains and the most fast and distinct in some European countries of the world, with the identification of the way to book trains in Europe, especially the express train that distinguishes some countries from others, let us start our journey through the countries to tell us after that if you live in a European country from the countries that we will mention to you which means of transportation then it will be your best choice ? Would you really prefer the train over other methods?

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Spain trains

Spain trains are among the fastest speed trains in the world, as it is no less than the quality of the distinctive Japan train, as it provides passengers with many entertainment services such as breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets as well, and all meal prices are accessible to all groups, and the buffet is usually in the middle The train is to be in a suitable place and available to everyone. You can also request your meal on your own seat to reach you directly and very quickly. The types of train tickets differ. There are tickets that include meals of all kinds and there are tickets that do not include meals. You may realize that the ticket is of Preferente or Club Class. All inclusive For services, Spain trains are also distinguished by being high-speed and allow you to buy and book train tickets directly via the Internet with ease and ease, and certainly the experience will be enjoyable and comfortable at the same time. Prices and types of Spanish train tickets differ according to the services provided and link between all Spanish cities, which makes it It is one of the preferred means of transportation for everyone, in addition to the availability of fast trains whose speed differs from other trains, so they are faster and more efficient. More of these trains have been opened and their services developed and opened in various cities and regions so that citizens can move from Makkah Another with ease.And Spain contains a very large network of train networks called AVE, and these trains are the fastest and best because they link all the different tourist places and the single trip will not take more than three hours, it connects all cities, it is possible, for example, to move from Madrid to Malaga Or Madrid to Barcelona in just two and a half hours using the Spanish express train, and train tickets are available in automatic vending machines and customer service centers located everywhere and they are tickets with good prices and distinguished services, and tickets vary so we find that there are multiple tickets for people and other tickets called tickets Ten connections, which are T-10 tickets, at a price of approximately 7 euros, which is a suitable price for everyone. The trains also allow the purchase of famous and saved tickets, which are worth approximately 27 euros, and are suitable for citizens who keep riding trains and consider them the best choice for them. There are also train cards for unlimited transportation which are cards A variety of services that you can move in unlimitedly for a specified number of days. The company’s website for reservations: Click here Read also: Learn about economic flight in Spain ..

Italy trains

The speed of the italyn train reaches 190 miles per hour as it can walk from Milan to Bologona in less than an hour, it is a truly amazing speed that makes it on the list of the best and most wonderful and unique trains in Europe, and the prices of italyn train tickets vary depending on the type of ticket and the degree of the required train , Where the trains are divided into degrees that differ in terms of the services provided, but they certainly agree in their speed and distinction, and the first degree differs from the regular class in that you have to go to the buffet to choose your own meal, but in the first class you can request it to arrive directly in your seat.One of the most important features of Italy trains is that it allows you to buy tickets easily through the Internet, through many sites such as the excellent italyn company Terrain and Euro Star, you can easily book by direct payment and enter your e-mail at the reservation site and then you will receive a message It contains the reservation code with the ability to print the ticket directly, and every site differs from others in the prices of booking tickets and the first-class seats do not differ much from the regular class, all of them have the advantage and speed as there are only slight differences in the size of the vehicles and the buffet service, and you can know that when It was decided to take Fly as an easy way to travel between cities, you will find many trains heading to various italyn cities, whether your trip is inside or outside Italy, every hour you will find a different trip from others, which makes the train is the best and fastest choice for many, as the trains provide excellent and wonderful customer service that speaks all languages Fluently to suit travelers from different countries of the world. General location for reservations for all italyn companies: Click here Read also: Learn about economic flight in Italy ..

France trains

France train is called the high-speed train because it enjoys great speed and goes for long distances without stopping, and the France train connects more than 149 French cities and it is a series of trains linking different parts of France where the trains link Paris to the capital of France and all the important cities of France to become the matter More easy for tourists and indigenous people, and the single train bears 377 passengers and is traveling at a great speed up to 236 miles per hour! The advantages of the France train are numerous in that it is organized, clean and fast at the same time, when you decide to take the train as an easy and fast means of transportation you will not have to stand long and wait for the arrival The cat T, but wait a bit too long because the distance between each train does not exceed three minutes, you will not find a way faster than that in the movement between the cities of France and enjoy a quick trip to wander with great services.There are 14 train lines, which include about 380 stations, and transport daily more than four and a half million passengers, which indicates the quality of the services provided in addition to the tremendous speed enjoyed by the French trains, and the train lines are characterized as being the second largest railway lines in Europe in general, while For ticket prices, they are all at the same price as long as you will not go outside the framework in which you are, but there are some tickets to which the prices of additional services are added, and they are services that travelers often need, such as food and beverage services and other services. The box office is the ideal solution The easiest In the purchase of tickets and is available in all train stations, and you can also pay through automatic payment machines that spread widely in all aspects of train stations and it accepts all payment methods such as cash payment and using credit cards and this machine provides all languages ​​for easy use by tourists from Different countries of the world, and since you will find it a little difficult if you do not speak French because the ticket seller is usually weak in English or other languages, you can rely on the payment machine to avoid this difficulty as much as possible and deal with it using the language of your country of origin.Tickets vary and their prices vary according to their advantages and continuity, there are one-day tickets that end with the end of the day, and there are also monthly tickets and tickets that last for several days in a row and if you are always riding trains we recommend long-term tickets because they are saving and distinct and as we see, each ticket has a different price than other Other tickets. General French site for all types of transfers: click here. Also read: Learn about economic flight in France.

Germany trains

Germany’s trains vary and their classification varies according to their speed and the quality of their services, and trains are considered one of the best means of transportation in Germany, whether to roam inside or outside it to other countries in general, and Germany is distinguished by being keen on developing train services and innovation in the manufacture of more distinct trains that work with electricity and energy Magnetism, as we find that the field of trains is in constant progress, and the prices for booking German train tickets vary in general, according to the distance the train will travel and the speed it has enjoyed.There are many types of tickets where we find that there are tickets to go only and there are tickets to go and return. You can also buy one ticket daily for an endless number of transfers on a daily basis. This ticket is suitable for individuals who rely on the train as a basic means of transportation for more than once during the day, and there is also a ticket that includes many From individuals together, it is characterized by being a saving ticket that provides more than 60% of the base ticket price, and there are many discounts that German trains offer on tickets and monthly and annual cards that you can rely on to save money and make the most of the services. Provided by trains, and you can know the prices of tickets, their types and dates for making various trips through the German rail website.As for the types of trains, express trains are available and they are one of the fastest types of German trains, which are speeds of more than 250 kilometers per hour, and these trains can travel for the longest distance possible as they cross from the most expensive types of German trains because they are very fast and do not stop Much like other trains, it only stops at major major stations.There are also city trains that connect German cities to each other and are also very fast, but they stop for a number of times more than fast trains, and there are also regular trains, including the regular express train and district train, which stops almost in all stations and connects German cities to each other, as for the big cities Like the capital of Germany, it is characterized by the presence of a series of express trains of its own. General website for reservations for all German companies: Click here for all European countries in Arabic: Click here in English:

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