Information about Lali Turkey market, the cheapest wholesale market in Istanbul

المسافرون العرب

A comprehensive guide to Lali Turkey, the cheapest wholesale market in Istanbul, as the wholesale clothing market in Istanbul is considered one of the most important markets in the world, where many purchases are estimated at millions of dollars every day, due to the quality of Turkish clothing in the industry as well On the splendor of paper and its tastes that suit everyone, and its prices that seem very cheap when compared to the prices of European goods, and among the most prominent wholesale clothing markets is the Lalli market, which we will talk about in our article today on Arab travelers.

What is on Lale Turkey market:

Lali Market is one of the cheapest and most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul, as this market is characterized by its great location in the old part of the city Istanbul, where this market is located in Osman Bey area, which is famous for containing the most famous wholesale stores in the city of Istanbul, in addition to the pleasure of shopping that is available in Lali Market Where there are many shops that provide the best and best types of raw materials from ready-made clothes and textiles at the best and cheapest prices, as this market is well-known for children’s clothes and wedding clothes as well as women’s clothes, during the visit to Lali Market you can shop at any of the market stores or companies that are next to it, Interested in providing the best products, which are exported to overseas, where there is available more than 55 companies in that region are exported abroad, where there are nearly 55 companies are exporting their products to all countries, including Asia and the Arab role, Russia and the Balkans.

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The Lale area in which the market is located is located in the old city of Istanbul, where this market contains a number of wholesale stores, and this region is one of the most frequent places for Arabs, this market belongs administratively to the Al-Fateh sector, as it includes thousands of industries The offer that provides Turkish brands and some well-known international brands, this market includes a number of internal streets and many corridors where there are these corridors and streets a large number of stores that specialize in the sale of bags and leather shoes, but it is necessary to ensure very well the quality of leather, and this market is one of Tourist areas It is known as it is located close to some of the famous such as the covered market and the Sultanahmet Mosque Istanbul City landmarks.

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