Information about Langkawi Island

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Langkawi Island

The island of Langkawi or the island of dreams and legends is located in the Federal State of Malaysia, and is about 30 km from the coast of the mainland in the northwestern part of the state, which is an administrative region affiliated with the state of Malay Keda or the state of Kedah, and consists of an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea on the Indian Ocean, Its terrain varies between hills, forests, and coastal plains, and is about 700 meters above sea level.

Information about Langkawi Island

Area and population

The area of ​​Langkawi Island is about 47,848 hectares, and 94,777 people live on it, according to the 2010 census, which is a duty-free and duty-free zone.

the climate

The climate of Langkawi Island is beautiful in all seasons, but the ideal period for its oils is in the month of November or July, and with regard to the average maximum temperature in the country, it reaches 33 °, and the minimum temperature of 24 °, knowing that the rainy season extends from April to October, and the dry season runs from November to March.

Tourist destinations

  • Kuah City: The city of Kuah is the beating heart of the island, as it is the main port in Langkawi, called the Getty Point Jetty Point Any place to book and depart for the various activities, places and events there.
  • Kilim Karst Nature Reserve: The Kilim Karst Reserve is an integral part of Pulau Dayang Ponting Island, that is, the pregnant Virgin Island, which is an important global reserve on tropical beaches, where mangroves are planted on the one hand, and monkeys, parrots and hawks live on the other hand, not to mention the presence of freshwater estuaries, caves Formed from limestone.
  • Frick Langkawi Hill: The adventure begins from the eastern village at the Majin Kang mountain range to the top of Mt. Chenchang, and the journey includes climbing up the Frick Hill, climbing over a mountainous foot where the tropical forests, hawks, horns, and water from the seven wells falls.
  • Pregnant Virgin Lake: Lake of Pregnant Virgin is located in the eastern part of Singa Island. It is known for its fresh water. According to the beliefs of the Malaysian women, the woman who goes to it conveys.
  • Waterfalls of the seven wells: The waterfalls of the seven wells consist of gathering rain water, and its descent from one basin to another through the rocks dug in the ground, which constitutes a unique masterpiece. You can also climb to the source on the way to see the monkeys, squirrels, and horns.
  • Crocodile garden: Containing more than 1000 species of crocodiles, it is the only park in Malaysia.
  • The cruise: It takes about four hours with speedy leaves during which you can feed the hawks and visit the urinal rice island.
  • Langkawi Beaches: It is a stray destination for lovers of recreation and rest on the one hand, and lovers of swimming and diving on the other hand.

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