Peterhof Palace in Russia is an engineering and technical miracle by all standards, and today we will present at the site of Arab travelers the history and construction of this palace in addition to the distinctive design of the palace and its history in the period of World War II and its impact on it.
This palace is considered a great impact on an exceptional historical period in Russia and the world at large. If you are considering visiting Russia, make sure that Peterhof Palace is definitely in your plan.

The history of Peterhof Palace in Russia

  • The Peterhof Palace, or, as some call it, the Palace of Versailles because of the splendor of its design and the genius of its architecture that made it the most magnificent influence in Russia and perhaps in Europe as a whole.
  • This palace was built by Peter the Great and this was in the eighteenth century in 1710 specifically, and the palace was designed and built by a group of genius engineers.
  • The palace was named after Peterhof because it is a Dutch word and means “Peter’s Palace” in relation to Peter the Great, who ruled Russia in partnership with his brother Evan V.
  • Tsar Peter is considered one of the greatest Caesars of Russia throughout history, due to the conquests and achievements that took place during his reign and transformed Russia from just a country into a Russian Empire.
  • Peter is one of the rulers whose era was marked by contradictions in many decisions. Despite his intensity and intense violence in dealing with some matters and his extreme cruelty, he was a brave ruler and a sensitive and intelligent man.
  • His method, which depended on the introduction of many new arts and engineering and architectural methods to Russia, was a reason for building this masterpiece, called the Peterhof Palace.
  • The Tsar encouraged European and Western arts and sciences to enter Russia, and he even ordered men to shave their beards, which was considered a major shame in this era.
  • But he wanted to make Russia part of Europe in terms of culture, art and ways of life, which he had already succeeded in doing in Russia.
  • And he started his journey by building a palace in the countryside of Russia, especially in the city of St. Petersburg, so that the palace will marvel at the famous Versailles Palace in France.
  • With the Kaiser’s insistence, the palace was built with amazing speed. In 1723, the Peterhof Palace in Russia was opened in amazing ceremonies, and from the very first moment it was considered the most beautiful Russian palace ever.

The design of St. Petersburg St. Petersburg

  • The palace is considered an engineering miracle in terms of space and pioneering design, it was built on a huge area in the city of St. Petersburg, which is one of the most important historical cities in Russia.
  • The palace consists of a huge southern park and a group of internal palaces, it is a complete complex of exceptional palaces, and the palace has a number of marine channels.
  • There is also a large waterfall that Emperor Peter I himself designed, in addition to an enormous pool of ponds and more than 170 carefully designed fountains.
  • The palace is decorated with alabaster and statues made of gold, until the pools of water in the palace were made of gold, which gave an unparalleled appearance to the palace.
  • Today, the palace is considered one of the most important places and tourist attractions in Russia, and thousands of visitors come to it every year to see the magic of history at Peterhof Palace.
  • Peterhof Palace in Russia and World War II

    During the period of the Second World War, Russia was attacked for a period that lasted for more than three years, full of bombing and the suffering that this country witnessed, its shortcomings and its revenge.
    When peace came to Russia at last, the losses caused by the war were not limited to material losses alone, but the losses in the historical relics were greater, as many of the features of Peterhof Palace were destroyed and destroyed.
    The palace witnessed a difficult period during the war years that Russia spent under fire, but today many of these relics have been repaired and returned to their first form again.
    This palace remains a great influence on an exceptional historical period in Russia and the world at large. If you are thinking about visiting Russia, make sure that Peterhof Palace is in your plan.


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