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Qasr Al Hosn is located in the center of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi between Al Nasr Street, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street and Sheikh Zayed the First Street, and it is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, and one of the most important landmarks in the emirate, where the Al Nahhan family has inhabited it since the eighteenth century.

The importance of Qasr al-Hosn

Sheikh Dhiyab bin Isa, leader of the Bani Yas tribes, discovered fresh water on the island of Abu Dhabi in the middle of the eighteenth century, then built a watchtower that protects water from intruders in 1761 AD, after which the residents began to come and settle around the tower, and the Bani Yas tribe moved for political and strategic reasons To the coast at the tower, and then Sheikh Shakhbut bin Dhiyab decided to turn the watchtower into an impenetrable fortress, at that point the Persian Gulf was an ancient commercial center, and the fortress palace played an important role in instilling confidence in the hearts of the inhabitants, and to give a strong image of the emirate, and it was The palace was formerly used as a council for conflict resolution T within the community, and a mosque during Eid and other religious celebrations, as it provided shelter for those in need, and now is the center of Abu Dhabi Art, Culture and Heritage.

History of Qasr al-Hosn

Qasr al-Hosn included the family of Al Nahyan for generations, and it was built of marine stones and coral and covered with a layer made of local lime and sand, and the mangrove was used in building the roof and floors due to its strength and hardness, and it was a watchtower at the beginning, and when the sun appears, the tower shines due to the reflection of rays On his shells, and so he was receiving the merchants of the region coming from the coast, and in the early nineteenth century Sheikh Tahnoun bin Shakhbout expanded the fortress, and after a short time the area around it included more than five thousand people living in small huts, in the fifties of the nineteenth century Sheikh Saeed bin Taha Wen expansion and improvement of the palace.


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