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Real Madrid restaurant and cafe Dubai is the first global destination for all lovers of Real Madrid team known the most famous Spanish teams in the world, and this restaurant is characterized by its unique design that controls all its parts and facilities the character of the Real Madrid team, and the menu in this cafe includes light food in addition to it contains all Drinks and coffee in all flavors, and some sweets and ice cream are also served, and this dessert and food are prepared by a team of the most professional chefs in an atmosphere very similar to the atmosphere of Real Madrid’s matches, and in the café there is a corner where the t-shirt is sold T own original my players and fans of this club and you the most important details on Arab travelers.

Where is Real Madrid Café Dubai?

This cafe is located in The Beach, in the Jumeirah Beach Residence Resort in the Emirate of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and Real Madrid Cafe is considered the first Real Cafe outside the Spanish territories.

Real Madrid Café:

Real Madrid Café was officially opened in Dubai City, Florentino Perez and the technical crew attended this opening, in addition to the presence of thousands of fans of the Real Madrid team, as well as the opening of the team players among the fans, this café consists of two floors to accommodate more than 375 guests In addition to having a dedicated space for the store, this café is equipped with many huge displays, which allows fans there to enjoy watching the matches of Real Madrid, and the feeling that they are closer to their favorite players, and this cafe is a vital place in which football thrives, where it is Show a For the achievements of the team and showcasing the skills of its professional players, the facilities for displaying the club’s achievements and historical moments are distinguished by their visual techniques and very high effects.

Estimated prices in the cafe:

The average prices in the cafe are eighty dirhams, and there are many options for paying between cash, mastercard or visa.

The ambience of the cafe:

  • The café provides its guests with a lively atmosphere where the café guests can mix with football lovers, while enjoying the finest Spanish dishes, as the café’s menu is very distinctive, mixing the favorite Spanish traditional dishes such as the papilla, the caziatcho and omelette, in addition to a variety of international dishes, in addition to For delicious snacks and many refreshing drinks.
  • There, in the café, enough guests can buy products and souvenirs of their favorite club, and they can also follow the World Cup soccer matches through the huge displays hanging on the walls of the café and strategically installed on both floors.

Adequate working hours:

  • Business hours for Real Madrid Café and Restaurant will start on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from nine in the morning until two after midnight.
  • Whereas, on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Wednesdays, the working hours start from nine in the morning until one after midnight.

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