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Good stone

The Rosetta Stone was named by this name in relation to the city of Rashid in which it was found by a Napoleon soldier, whose name was Pierre François Bouchard, during the French campaign against Egypt in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine AD, and the date of engraving this stone dates back to the year one hundred and ninety six before Christmas, after the English scientist Thomas Yang reached the discovery of the acronyms of the hieroglyphic language, he translated the writings on which the French scientist Jean-François Champollion was, a metaphor for an archived document.

Qualities of a good stone

It is a stone from the granodiorite, and belongs to the Egyptian city of Memphis (Memphis), and the priests engraved it in remembrance of the decree of the installation of King Ptolemy the Fifth on the throne of Egypt, and the stone is divided into three transverse sections, the first section of which is engraved in the hieroglyphic language of the ancient Egyptians and Egyptians, while the middle section of it , It is engraved in the demotic language, which is the Coptic language, while the third section is engraved in the Greek language, which is the ancient Greek, and the text was fifty-four lines, and the three texts were identical in their translation with simple differences.

Translate what was written on the Rosetta Stone

The translation speaks in its first part about the glorification of King Ptolemy on the thirtieth anniversary of his rule, blessed by the sun god, and his respect for the gods and all his accomplishments, and then the title (decree) was written, and begins to define under it the day, which is the fourteenth of the month of Sandicus, where it falls on the eighth day The tenth of the ancient Egyptian month is Amshir, and it is told about the meeting of the prophets and the high priests, and they are the only ones who are allowed to enter the Holy Temple for the service of the gods, in addition to the bearers of the fans, as well as the writers of saints, with a group of priests of other temples, where they gathered from all over the country In the city of Memphis, for a fee The king and the presence of a feast crowning him on the throne, and it was also stated in the decree that when (Ptolemy, let him live loved by Ptah), and his son who succeeded him (the god Epiphanes Ohristos), and the queen (Arsinoe of the gods Philopaturis) show that the son is the god of a son of a god, just like the king Horus, who succeeded his parents, that he was a benefactor of both the temple and also of the people as a whole, and that he was the protector and fortress of the country.

The location of the Rashid Stone

The original copy of the Rosetta Stone is preserved in the British Museum after the British seized it from the French and transported it to their country in implementation of the Alexandria surrender treaty signed between them in the year one thousand eight hundred and one AD, and today is considered one of the most important and rarest artifacts found in the museum, and the Egyptian state seeks within many years To get it back, but to date all attempts have been unsuccessful.

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