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The city of Salalah is located on the southern coast of the Sultanate of Oman, and it belongs to the Dhofar Governorate, which is the second capital of it, so that it is considered its commercial and tourist capital; because of its natural tourist sites, it is the administrative and commercial center of the governorate, and is famous for incense and frankincense, and many tropical hookah trees are abundant in addition to Until it is famous for its abundance of banana and fava trees, it is considered the third largest city in Oman in terms of population, with a population of 570 people, or 69.2% of the total population of Dhofar, and we will get to know in this article about Salalah.

The neighborhoods of the city and its environs

Central Salalah, New Salalah, Eastern Salalah, Western Salalah, Al Haffa, Business District, Salalah Al-Qouf, Al-Qasil Al-Qasilah, Al-Wadi, Al-Hisn, Duqm, Southern Awqal, Awqal Al-Shamali, Awqad Extension, Raysut Qalb, Raysut, Southern Adounab, Northern Adab, and Medina Happiness, heights of happiness, business district, happiness, Southern Sahnout, North Sahnout, Southern Daris, and North Daris.


The only and official religion in it is the Islamic religion, and all of its inhabitants are Sunnis who follow the Shafi’i school, and the Hanbali school, and among the largest mosques and mosques in the province of Salsa are the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, the Sheikh Issa Al-Mashani Mosque, the Jami Mosque, the Shanfari Mosque, the Aqeel Mosque, the Haddad Mosque, and the Mosque Al-Rahman, Al-Bara’meh Mosque, Sheikh Ahmed Afif Al-Baleed Mosque, Al-Huda Mosque, Bamzrou Mosque, Baqdeerah Mosque, Al-Sayeda Aisha Mosque, Moaz Bin Jabal Mosque, Abi Dawood Mosque, Al-Shorouk Mosque, Beit Fadel Mosque and Habr Mosque.

The most important tourist places

Al Nahda Tower, the Municipality Entertainment Center, the ancient city of Al Baleed, the central market, the Al Haffa Fort Market, the Haffa Beach, the Salalah Public Park, the Frankincense Park, the Plain of Atene, the Sahnout Plain, the Jebel Aten, the Tomb of the Prophet Ayyub, the Tomb of the Prophet Imran, the Daghah, Ain Razat, Ain Jarzaiq, Ain Sahlanout, Ain Tobruk, Natural Fountains, and Al Mughassil Beach.


There are two main playgrounds in the city of Salsa, in which official local and international matches are held. They are:

  • Salsa Sports Complex It is one of the oldest complexes in the Sultanate of Oman, and it was built in 1990, and has contributed to the development of sport in a large way in Dhofar Governorate, because it contains many facilities, as it includes a football field that has Olympic specifications, and can accommodate more than 1000 people, in addition to a platform It accommodates 60 persons with high positions, and contains a hall for first aid, for physiotherapy, rooms for commentators and referees, changing rooms for players, and contains two tracks for jumping and running games, an equestrian center, and facilities for horse riding.
  • Sports Happiness Stadium It has a lawn hockey field, an Olympic pool, a covered gym, two tennis courts, common infrastructure facilities, as well as parking lots, a gym, and many more.

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