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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the most important architectural landmarks in Abu Dhabi, it is one of the most important and most beautiful architectural monuments, whose design is characterized by a combination of originality, Islamic heritage and modern designs, and is a symbol of peace and tolerance, and is one of the largest mosques in the world, and was classified as one of the largest monuments The architecture of an Islamic nature is a beacon of science and reflects the spirit of love and originality in our great religion.
Therefore, we will shed light during our article represented in a report on the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the details of its construction and establishment, and the most important architectural elements in it, and the most prominent landmarks in Arab travelers in detail, so follow us.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located in the Emirates, and specifically in its capital Abu Dhabi, as soon as you see it grabs your gaze and holds your breath from its beauty and gorgeous looks, with its white color and the inscriptions that adorn its walls dazzlingly making everyone who travels to the front of the UAE go voluntarily.

Its origin and construction

  • The Great Mosque is the third largest mosque in our world after the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in the city, and Sheikh Zayed has chosen for its construction a place elevating from the sea about eleven meters, and with a height of nine and a half meters from the street, so that everyone can see it from All directions.
  • Sheikh Zayed was buried there at his request in 2004, in the north, and he had died before the completion of construction.
  • The cost of building this great edifice amounted to two billion and 455 million dirhams, and the number of workers involved in building it and totaling up to three thousand workers, and designs for the mosque were assigned to thirty-eight contracting companies.
  • He began building this edifice since the late eighties of the current century in terms of planning, drawings and other art, and started with the actual and effective implementation in 1996 AD.
  • The goal of its construction was to be the largest mosque in the world, and it was planned to accommodate fifty thousand worshipers, and it was opened in 2007, and after the opening, the mosque’s leaders announced that it could accommodate forty-seven thousand worshipers, including seven thousand inside it and the rest in the rest of the mosque.

Architectural elements of the Great Mosque

  • The mosque is considered one of the most beautiful architectural mosques in the world, as it is made from the outside, made of bright, impressive white marble from Italy and Greece. It is in the chapel.
  • The mosque was built on an area of ​​22,412 meters, which is equivalent to five times the size of the international space allocated to football stadiums.
  • Nearly 33,000 tons of iron were used, and about 250 thousand meters of cement were used. The mosque was built on a large number of columns amounting to 6500 columns. As for the columns that appear before us, there are about 1048 columns.
  • Among the most prominent features of the dome, unlike its bright white color, it is designed in the form of an inverted few and on top there is a large crescent decorated with mosaics of glass and painted with a distinctive golden color.
  • There are about seven chandeliers in the German-made crystals, which made the roofs of the mosque a beautiful, splendid and well-made masterpiece, and the largest of them reaches twelve tons, and the height reaches fifteen meters, and the diameter is ten rains, in addition to the number of 4 blue chandeliers, but they look like Others are from chandeliers.

Minaret of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

  • There are four minarets in the mosque, approximately 106 meters each, and they contain many different beautiful geometric shapes. We find that the first part was made in the form of a square, and the second part took the shape of eight sides, and the third part was made in a cylindrical shape, and they are decorated from the inside with gorgeous lamps Decorated with glass mosaic and painted in golden to increase its beauty, it is worth noting that this character is Andalusian and Moroccan.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Carpet

  • As for carpets, it includes the largest hand-made carpet in the world, with a length of seven thousand five hundred meters, and the number of weavers amounted to approximately one thousand and two hundred people, and the work remained about eight months, and it was made of high-quality wool and extremely valuable.

Interior design of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

  • As for the interior design, a number of calligraphers from the Emirates, Jordan and Syria participated in writing the Qur’an with three different types of Arabic calligraphy, and were supervised by a number of famous artists around the world.
  • A number of unique plants that were specifically designed for this mosque have been used for its interior decoration, and the mosque’s courtyards, which are one of the largest squares around the world, are about seventeen thousand square meters covered with valuable mosaic glass.
  • The chandeliers of the mosque are decorated with crystals from Swarovski, which are the largest companies to manufacture crystals globally, and painted them with 24-carat gold.

The main hall of prayer

  • The main hall has about ninety-six pillars out of 1084 columns, with more than two thousand hand-made marble slabs, and covered with stones (Lapis Lazuli) which are semi-precious with stone (amethyst) and red agate.
  • The dome, the walls of which are written in Kufic script, with beautifully lit backlights that illuminate the names of God. This dome has an area of ​​fifty meters wide and twenty three meters high.

The dates of visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

  • The mosque opens its doors to receive visitors in the morning from nine o’clock, and it ends and closes its doors at about 10 pm.
  • The dates differ on Fridays, and during the prayers, a place for prayers is opened for them. As for the visits, they start from 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • There are tour guides that take approximately one hour, which are all week long, except for Friday, between ten and eleven in the morning, and are repeated again at five in the evening.
  • On Friday, the tours are either the fifth or seventh at night.

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