Slowinsky dunes are part of the Pommersky National Park in northern Poland.
It is located on the Baltic Sea coast, between Leba and Rawa, with the northern border of the park and it consists of 32.5 km (20.2 mi) from the coast.
Slowinsky is the name of the park after Slovensiens, and there is an open-air museum in his town of Kloki with its artifact features from their culture.

The dunes are formed by themselves, with waves and winds that carry beach sand, and can reach up to 30 meters.
The season changes for their models, which are known as “moving sand dunes”.
The forests in the park are mainly made of pine trees, these trees cover 80% of the wooded areas, and there are also swamps of several types, and there are animals, the most numerous are birds with 257 species, this is because the park is located on the paths of migratory birds.
They feel safe here because human activities are limited, and there are more interesting types: show me, eagle owl, crow, swan and different types of ducks. Among mammals, deer and elk, wild boars and a hare.
There are about 140 kilometers (87 mi) of walking for tourist trails, and there are some watchtowers in the Lakes region and along the tracks, how many seats and places of rest can be found.
There are many parking sites, as well as hotels and camp sites, especially in Leba.

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