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Solomon Island

Solomon Island is a group of islands known as the Solomon Islands, which is a country located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, where it consists of more than 990 islands, and the total area of ​​these islands is approximately 28450 km2, and its capital is the city of Honiara, and it heads this Isles Queen Elizabeth II represented by Frank Kay.

About Solomon Island

Solomon Island is a group of islands that together form what is known as the Melanesian Archipelago, located to the east of Papua New Guinea, and includes many of the major islands that number approximately twenty one as these islands are Choiseul, Shortland Islands, and the Georgia Islands The new, Santa Isabel, the Russell Islands, Nujila or what is known as the Florida Islands, in addition to many other islands, and about three islands are very small and far away, and these islands are Tecopia, Anuta, and Fataka, and these islands are of volcanic origin, where about four are active. Volcanoes from time to time.

These islands cover tropical forests and it is worth noting the presence of pastures in the northern plains of Guadal Canal Island. It is noteworthy that the distance between the furthest western islands and the easternmost islands reaches approximately 1500 km, knowing that the Santa Cruz Islands located in the north of Vanuatu are far more It is 200 km from the other islands, and there is an island known as Bougainville geographically that is part of the Solomon Islands, but it is politically considered to belong to Papua New Guinea.

The climate of Solomon Island

The climate on these islands is characterized by a very humid tropical climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of 27 ° C which is equivalent to 80 ° F, which is between June and August, where these months are the coldest months, and are also characterized by the presence of northwest winds From November to April, it brings rain with frequent and frequent, with some storms or hurricanes. As for the annual rain on these islands, it reaches approximately 305 centimeters.

Solomon Islanders

Most of the inhabitants of these islands, most of whom are ethnically affiliated to the Melanesians, where they constitute 94.5%, while for the Polynesians it reaches 3% of the total population, in addition to the Macrones who occupy a small percentage of 1.2%, and it is indicated that there are about 74 languages ​​in Solomon Islands And about four languages ​​became extinct in the central islands, while the Melanesian languages ​​are widely used in Rennell, Bellona in the south, Tekopia, Anota, and Fataka in the Far East, and Sequiana in the northeastern region, and Luaniwa in the north, with the Polynesian languages, and is considered English is the official language The country, and about 96% of the people of Solomon Islands Christian religion, the rest Faihmlon other religions.


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