In the following article we explain information about South Korea in terms of location, climate and population, in addition to the tourist places in Korea and what is most famous for it. South Korea is a country located in the eastern side of the continent of Asia, and depends on the constitutional system of republican republic, while legislation is in the hands of the Council The Korean National, whose capital is the city of Seoul, which is the most famous and largest city in Korea, and adopts the won currency as its official currency, symbolized by the acronym k, and through the Arab Travelers website we will display the most famous information about South Korea.

Information about South Korea

South Korean population

The number of residents in South Korea reaches 51 million, and this percentage indicates the high population density, where it is located in one square kilometer about 500 people, which is a large number, and most of the population of Korea come from different Asian countries, where we find multiple nationalities from China, Hong Kong and Japan And Taiwan, and most of its residents live in urban areas, and they have taken the Korean language as an official language for them to speak, and many religions in Korea, but most Koreans condemn the Christian religion and Buddhism, while some of them condemn Islam and other religions.

South Korea climate

South Korea is characterized by its wet continental climate, and it is also located under the sub-tropical humid climate classification. It is affected by the monsoons of East Asia, and the severe cold during its winter, the temperature drops to -20 ° C, while the maximum temperature rise in summer reaches 30 degrees. Centennial, where floods, typhoons and severe rains abound.

Geography of South Korea

China is located in the borders of Korea from the west, while Japan is in the east, and at the north we find North Korea, while from the south there is the Strait of Korea, and there are many mountains in Korea, especially in the eastern part of them, such as Mount Tepic, while the lands of the western region are distinguished from them It is fertile coastal plains and suitable for agricultural activity, as there are many islands on its coasts, in addition to rivers and canals, and the highest point in South Korea is the volcanic mountain Hallasan, reaching a height of about 1.950 meters above sea level.

South Korea’s division

South Korea is administratively divided into several provinces, major cities, and other independent cities, including Gyeonggi Province, Seoul, the capital of Korea, and independent cities, including Jeju City. There are also special cities such as Seoul, and autonomous cities such as Sejong.

Tourism in South Korea

Korea has a lot of tourist attractions that people come to every year from all countries of the world to visit its landmarks, so about 11 million tourists visit it annually, among which are:

  • Seoul City: It is the capital and the most prosperous economic area in Korea, and the streets of Seoul are integrated with modern architecture with ancient archaeological heritage, and also contain many palaces and archaeological and historical museums such as the summer short.
  • Busan: Busan contains the distinctive beaches that tourists go for swimming and recreation, including the beach of Hayundi.
  • Jeju: Is an island dubbed the Island of the Gods, it contains volcanic rocks and its climate is characterized by rain and mild, in addition to the presence of waterfalls in abundance
  • Jeonju: Jeonju is a small city in the south-east of Korea, and has many attractions such as Bulgowska Temple.
  • Seoraxan: It is a natural national park that contains rocky peaks in its territory, in addition to the presence of many temples there.

The most important industries in South Korea

  • The economy of the Republic depends on the production of robots, cars and smart phones, as well as export and shipbuilding.
  • South Korea is one of the countries that supports science and seeks to develop technology, carrying out many different research projects and launching satellites in outer space, bringing the number of satellites sent by South Korea to about 10.
  • South Korea is a country with a booming and high-income economy.
  • Skyscrapers abound and tall buildings.
  • Self-defense sports in Korea are practiced as popular sport as taekwondo.

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