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Babylon Tower

According to the beliefs of the Jews, the Tower of Babel is a structure that was built in the land of Babel (Shenar region), in Mesopotamia, and the story of its construction was mentioned in the Book of Genesis in the Torah, where it was mentioned that the Babylonians wanted to have a well-known reputation by building a strong city and a tower They claimed that its summit would reach them in paradise, but according to their beliefs, God did not allow the completion of the construction of the tower and estimated that the people working on its construction would be a group of people who speak different languages, and therefore their lack of understanding of each other led to the fall of the tower and its deterioration, and therefore the construction was not completed, and the people of the city were dispersed In different parts of the earth, it is worth noting that the pain To Maine do not believe in the story of the Tower of Babel.

The city of Babylon

It was mentioned in the Torah that our master Noah and his sons left the ship after the flood and settled in the city of Babylon, and the dominant at the time of building the tower was Nimrod (the grandson of our master Noah) and he was the one who ordered its construction, as Babylon was the capital of his kingdom, and it was the religious center and center of government in it, and therefore he settled It includes clerics and politicians as well.

Babel tower design

Among the most important information related to the design of the Babel Tower mentioned in the Torah are:
  • Babylon Tower was in the form of a step pyramid.
  • The base of the tower was square.
  • The top of the tower was a temple.

Babylon Tower website

It is mentioned in the Torah that the story of the Tower of Babel took place after the flood in the area between the two rivers, but according to historical, geological and geographical analyzes it is believed that it could not be located in Iraq but rather northeastern Syria, and that the remains of the tower are located near the Khabur River, and it is also mentioned that it was the first A site where people of different origins and languages ​​meet after they lived separately on the mountains before the flood.

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