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Baron Palace

It is an architectural masterpiece and a mythical palace that the sun does not set out from its rooms, located in the Heliopolis area on the road leading to Cairo International Airport specifically on Al-Oruba Street, constructed by the Belgian millionaire Baron Edouard Empain upon his arrival from India to Egypt after the opening of the Suez Canal.
He was a famous architect who collected a lot of money and moved to various parts of the world, and when his ship landed on the beaches of Egypt, he loved her and made a decision to stay there until his death, as the idea of ​​establishing the Baron Palace began when he proposed to the Egyptian government to create a neighborhood in the desert east of Cairo and chose the name “Helioplois” “Any city of the sun.

He bought the land for one pound per acre due to the region’s lack of transportation, facilities and services, and to attract people to this city he commissioned the Belgian engineer André Berschw to the task of establishing a metro line in the city that is still working until now and is called the Heliopolis Metro, as well as he built a series of houses on the road The classic Belgian with its magnificent gardens over wide areas, as well as a huge hotel in the city of Heliopolis. In this article we will show an accurate description of this masterpiece.

Description of the palace

The palace has an area of ​​12.5 thousand meters. It was designed by French architect Alexander Marcel and decorated by George Louis Claude, a palace inspired by the Anco Wat temple in Cambodia and the Hindu temples of Orissa, and from the inside it is small, consisting only of seven rooms distributed on two floors, its external terraces are based on the statues of Indian elephants Ivory is spread inside and outside the palace, and there are many statues of gold and platinum.

The floor of the palace is made of original marble and alabaster, and inside the palace there is a unique old clock that represents the time in minutes, hours, days, years, and changes in the faces of the moon and temperature. The palace was designed in a way that the sun does not lose sight of its rooms, who see inside both inside, and with a tower that spins every hour a full cycle to see Sitting in it all that surrounds the palace, but the roof of the palace is like a park for concerts as it contains plant and animal drawings and is climbed to it by a wooden staircase made of luxurious roses.

The palace after the death of the baron

Since the death of the Baron in 1292 AD, the palace has been neglected, its gardens have turned into ruin and become deserted, and many problems have arisen among the heirs, until the Egyptian government issued a decision to include it in the Egyptian tourism and antiquities sector, which started the restoration and care process to turn it into a museum or palace that belongs to the Egyptian presidency.

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