Information about the Bidya Mosque

المسافرون العرب

Al Badia Mosque is one of the most famous and oldest mosques in the Emirates, it is the oldest inclined mosque in the Emirates in addition to being distinctive design and occupies a vital location in the village of Al Badiyah in the Emirate of Fujairah. Due to the distinctiveness of the mosque’s exterior and interior design, it is included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Because Arab travelers are interested in developing your awareness of all the distinctive features, Arab travelers have prepared for you the current article on this unique mosque.

Information about the Bidya Mosque

  • It is located in the coastal area that extends between Dibba and Al Khor, which are two cities overlooking the Arabian Sea.
  • The mosque is named after the village it was built in.
  • The mosque is called by the people of Al-Bidya village and the villages near it, due to the presence of two similar mosques, one in Yemen and the other in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Occupy a prime location near a small stone mountain.
  • It is the first oblique mosque built in the Emirates.
  • The mosque is distinguished by having 4 domes different in size from each other.
  • Each of its domes is characterized by consisting of 3 domes placed above some as steps; the upper dome is the largest, and the lower is the smallest.
  • The four domes are raised on one column, which is the main pillar of the mosque.
  • The mosque has a main column and a number of sub-columns.
  • The exterior design is distinctive: it is constructed in a square, with a rib length of 15 yards.
  • Its length is 2 yards long and only one yard wide.
  • A platform with a ladder consisting of only 3 steps.
  • Its walls are decorated with motifs and inscriptions, but only the remains of these motifs remain in the current period.
  • Its walls are covered with openings and the aim of its foundation is to illuminate the mosque naturally during the day.
  • On its walls, there are niches, constructed with the goal of lighting lamps, to illuminate the mosque in the evening.
  • It is surrounded by a rectangular, open wall constructed of stones that were combined using straw and mud. The height of this wall is estimated to be only one and a half meters.
  • Its construction dates back to 1446 AD, which means that it was built more than 552 years ago.
  • The material is made of stone and burnt clay.
  • The mosque is a UNESCO World Heritage site list.
  • Prayer is performed in the mosque until the current period.
  • The mosque administration officials can be contacted via the following phone number: 092229085, and the following e-mail can be contacted: [email protected]

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