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Canberra is the capital of Australia

Canberra is the capital of Australia, located at an altitude of 600 m above sea level above the slopes located at the eastern Australian highlands, and is about 300 km from the southwest of Sydney, and 650 km from the northeast of Melbourne, and an estimated population of 332.000 people, and was chosen as the capital of the State of Australia in 1908 AD because of its occurrence Between the two largest cities: Sydney and Melbourne, it passes latitude 20-30 ° south of the equator, and longitude 143 ° east of Greenwich.

A brief history of Canberra

People have lived in the Canberra region for thousands of years, and historians and archeologists have found historical wall paintings in a cave located in the Jiddabi area on the southern side of the city, and in 1820 CE a number of European explorers reached the limestone plains, and Charles Throwsby Smith and Joseph Wilde and James Nogan built tents for them in the same place that the region is currently based on, and during the year 1821 AD, the Marembji River was discovered in the city by Truzby and Wild.

Canberra Territory

The Australian Capital Territory in the southeast of New South Wales occupies an area of ​​2.366 km2, and it is characterized by the presence of areas extending from the blue and gray mountains in the southern and western regions, while the capital Canberra is located in the northeastern region of the region, and covers mountain ranges, lakes and rivers around 40% of the region.

The birth of Canberra

A number of residents lived in the area for thousands of years, and by 1820 CE European discoverers visited the area, and after two years a livestock farm was established near the current site of the Canberra Hospital, and it was then called Canbury, and it was converted to Canberra in the early twentieth century, and in 1908 AD the site of Canberra was chosen To announce and build the capital city in it, and in 1911 AD the American engineer Walter Burley Griffin designed a plan and building for the capital and began implementing the plan in 1913 AD.

Climate in Canberra

The temperatures in the summer season vary between warm and free even though the temperature does not reach 40 degrees Celsius, while the capital is characterized by coldness in the winter, and winds, frosts and fog blows on it, especially in early morning times, and the temperature in winter days exceeds zero degrees Celsius , And the average rainfall in the region is about 630 mm annually, and snowfall is rare in the city, as it may happen at most twice a year.

Landmarks of Canberra

The city of Canberra contains a large number of landmarks such as the Australian National Gallery of Art, the National Library that contains about two million books, the Military Museum, the zoo, the Australian Royal Instrument House, the Royal War College, Parliament, and a group of botanical gardens.


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