Information about the chalets for you from the best chalets in Riyadh

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To you information about the chalets for you from one of the best chalets in Riyadh, if you are looking for calm and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to stay in a chalet at the highest level you can get to know the chalet for you which has many advantages that allow you to spend a pleasant time with your family or friends .
For you chalets are distinguished by the vast green spaces, in addition to many recreational activities that give them to visitors, in addition to its elegant furniture that gives you the required comfort, and through Arab travelers you can get to know these chalets and their places that allow you to choose what suits you.

Places for chalets for you one of the best chalets in Riyadh

1. Chalets west of Riyadh

Chalet No. 1

  • Its area reaches 450 meters.
  • The chalet consists of a large room consisting of an Arab council that can accommodate approximately 16 people.
  • Inside the chalet there are three toilets, along with places for outdoor sessions and a large hall for up to twenty people, in addition to a kitchen.
  • It features an outdoor pool and water games for children.
  • The chalet is located in the west of Riyadh branch, exit 28.

Chalet No. 2

  • Its area reaches about 450 meters.
  • It contains a spacious hall that can seat twenty people, as well as an Arab council, in addition to places for external sessions.
  • The chalet includes three toilets, along with water games for children.
  • One of the characteristics of the chalet is that it is divided into two sections for men and women.

The chalet is located in the same place as the first chalet, exit 28.
Chalet No. 3

  • It includes an Arab Majlis, a spacious hall, along with an outdoor pool, and games for children.
  • It has a kitchen and three toilets.
  • Inside the chalet there is a separate toilet.
  • It is located in the west of Riyadh, exit 27.

There is also Chalet No. 4 with the same features of the aforementioned chalet.

2. Chalet North Branch

  • Its area is about 300 meters.
  • It includes a lot of vast green areas, as well as a spacious hall that can accommodate up to 15 people.
  • It features an outdoor pool and outdoor seating areas.

3. Al-Kharj Chalets

Chalet Marvella 1

  • Its area is about 730 meters.
  • It is distinguished by its many green spaces, which include about 3 outdoor sessions, with a designated area for barbecue.
  • It has a pool with a fountain, and from the inside there is a spacious lounge overlooking the pool, along with games for children.
  • It has two water courses, along with the entrance to the car.

There is also a Chalet Marvella 2 with the same specifications and services provided to visitors, besides it includes a bedroom overlooking the pool.
Phone number for contact and inquiries: 00966540351258.
There are chalets in areas such as Durya, Majmaah, Al-Quwayya, Al-Aflaj and many other areas. You can enter the official website of the Chalet for you to see the rest of the other chalets.


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