Information about the city and the countryside

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City and country

The names of the residential communities in which humans live and live are different. One of the most important of these is the city and the countryside, and despite the proximity of the distances between these two communities, they often appear as contradictory and contradictory regions in terms of many vocabulary, as city life differs greatly from the life of the countryside, as well as The character of the city’s residents, their customs, and their traditions differ from that of the people of the city, each with their own characteristics.

The city is known as an urban area characterized by its high population density, dominated by industrial and commercial character, and many problems, especially environmental, prevail, including pollution, while the countryside is known as the region surrounding the city, and often takes an agricultural character with the spread of green nature in most of its areas, and fewer numbers And levels of health and educational services and other services given that it belongs to the city.

Information about the city and the countryside

Population aspect

The city is inhabited by large numbers of the population compared to the countryside, who may not exceed hundreds, and the rural population is usually confined to one branched family or a number of well-known families that in turn branch into small families and families, while the city has multiple families that inhabit it and the origins of many of these families may be due to The rural areas adjacent to the city because of their internal migration towards the city in order to work, education or improve the social and economic situation.

Social aspect

The rural population follows their own customs and traditions, and the level of convergence and social communication between them is higher than that between urban residents, due to the quiet and simple nature of rural life. As for urban residents, many of them move away from customs and traditions, heading towards the tradition of the West and seeking behind globalization, with the absence of communication And the social interdependence among them, given the fast and complex nature of life in the city.

The economic aspect

The city is considered the largest economic center, and we can observe the orientation of the rural population, both individuals and traders, towards the city to obtain various goods and needs. The city relies mainly on the countryside for providing different needs and goods for both civil society and rural society, such as wood and metal industries, crops, and meat. , And birds.

Environmental aspect

Some residents of the city prefer to move to the countryside in search of a green nature, tranquility and a clean environment, which are difficult to find in the city due to the rapid urban expansion, the proliferation of factories in all of their neighborhoods, as well as the tumultuous nature of life with which calm and safety are absent.

Educational aspect

The city attracts a large number of rural residents who wish to complete their university and higher education at various levels, due to the absence of higher education institutions in the rural areas of universities and colleges, and the limited educational institutions to kindergartens, primary, middle and secondary schools.


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