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The city of Acre

The city of Acre is located in the northwestern part of Palestine, and is characterized by its location along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on the northern end of the Gulf of Haifa, known as the Acre Bay previously. Thus, the city of Acre has an important strategic location, linking the east with commercial activity and waterways, and is one of the historical cities Included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

The climate of the city of Acre

The city of Acre is characterized by the Mediterranean climate, which is hot, dry, summer, and warm, rainy in winter, and dominates the climate of moderate Acre, due to its location overlooking the sea. It is worth noting that the average minimum and maximum temperatures range in January and August between 9-15 Degrees, and 22-31 degrees, respectively, and the annual percentage of humidity is about 67%, the rate of humidity increases in winter and decreases in summer, and the city witnesses sufficient amounts of winter rain, with an average annual rate of about 600 mm of.

Highlights of the city of Acre

The city of Acre contains several distinct historical places, perhaps the most important of which are:

  • Joy Gardens: It is located 2 kilometers north of Acre, and contains the tomb of the founder of the Bahai faith, Bahá’u’lláh.
  • The Butcher Wall: It was erected 15 meters from the inner wall of the city, and it consists of nine observation towers, the most important of which are the following: Karim Tower, Sultan Tower, and Commander Tower. It is noteworthy that these walls included huge fireplaces of artillery during the French siege, and the number of cannons was 250 cannons And, these walls proved their resilience and resistance to Napoleon’s siege of the city.
  • The position of the Prophet Saleh: This shrine is found in the Islamic cemetery, south of Acre.
  • The shrines of the three martyrs executed by the British: They are Fouad Hijazi, Muhammad Jamjoom, and Atta Al-Zeer.
  • The tomb of Sheikh Ghanem: He is one of the buoys who established contact between the residents of Acre and Salah al-Din, and it is said that he died by drowning and his body was found near the port of Acre.

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