Today we will provide you with information about the city of Dammam, where the city of Dammam is located in the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and rises about 10 meters above sea level, as it is considered one of the largest cities in the eastern region, and its population reaches approximately 768,602 people, and an area of ​​338 square kilometers Its coast length is about 500 square kilometers, as it is located on three sides of the northern Arabian Gulf, the south, and the eastern, in addition to enjoying it as a commercial and residential center, and it also contains the administrative bodies of the region and government departments, so we will provide you today in this article with information From the city of Dammam I Arab travelers through the following lines.

Information about the city of Dammam

Dammam is one of the Arab Islamic cities, and it is known as the regional capital of the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is a city that enjoys its wonderful beaches, in addition to being a suitable place for fishing, and therefore it is an important destination for tourists, visitors, from different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as it is A civilized city distinguished by its ancient history, as it represented an important settlement center throughout the historical ages, and this shows the importance of the presence of ancient ruins in the Al-Rakah neighborhood.

Dammam city climate

Dammam city is characterized by its desert climate, which is free from rain, so the weather in the summer is hot, but moderate in the rest of the seasons, where the average temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius and the temperatures increase in the summer where it reaches 43 degrees Celsius, and decreases in a season Winter falls to 10 degrees Celsius. As for the spring and summer seasons, the city is exposed to sudden unexpected rain and sandstorms.

The monuments of Dammam

The city of Dammam contains several prominent landmarks that stir the curiosity of visitors to it, the most important of which are the private airport called King Fahd International Airport, which is located in the northwest of the city, the coastal sports center, and the King Fahd Park that displays the various types of plants that are found in Dammam, in addition to the possession of the city of Dammam for the half-moon beach, which is a beach that resembles the half of the moon, in which the beauty of sea water is clear, its attractiveness and its wonderful color in addition to the sandy coast of the beach, in addition to the presence of King Abdulaziz Port, which is a major port in the Eastern Region, and the Marina Mall , And Prince Muhammad bin F. stadium This is located in the central area of ​​the city, Marina Mall, and the Qatif Oasis, which contains dense trees from the palm trees.
The city of Dammam has several advantages, including its transportation activity, due to its location on the Arabian Gulf, as well as its huge economic, marine, and urban activity, and it is also characterized by the oil industry, in addition to a number of other landmarks such as railways, the Mountain of Vehicles, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dammam, and Dhahran International Exhibition Center.

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