Information about the city of Riyadh and its most prominent features

المسافرون العرب

Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its largest city in terms of area there is the seat of government, and has been classified as the third Arab city in terms of population density preceded by that of Baghdad and Cairo, with an area of ​​about (3.115) square kilometers, has been enumerated Its population, according to statistics in (2020 AD), exceeds six million.
It has been described as being one of the most cities around the world that are developing itself and making progress quickly, which made the second Kingdom of Saudi Arabia take its capital in the year (1824). In the following article, Arab travelers provided information about the city of Riyadh and what was said about it.

Riyadh city

  • Away from the cities of Medina and Makkah, roughly equivalent to the eight hundred kilometers, specifically in the eastern region of the plateau of Najd, and that name was chosen for it because it linguistically represents the kindergarten collection and is meant by the land with gardens, gardens and flowers, and was in the past known as Yamamah Stone while the name of Riyadh It was not mentioned in any of the books of history or ancient geography and therefore it is novel.

Riyadh city in the past

  • That city surprised the researchers in terms of urban development, as it made itself a major global city in less than half a century.
  • It was the beginning of its establishment about three centuries ago in the ancient Hajar area, which for many centuries remained the base for the Yamamah region, as it was the center of the convergence of mobile commercial caravans between the south and north of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • It has been named in Riyadh as a result of its wells with abundant fresh water and palm trees that produce the best types of dates around the world, along with their fruits and fertile lands.
  • Riyadh was at first a small village surrounded by a group of other villages and continued to expand from a village of no more than a square kilometer inhabiting less than ten thousand people, until it reached in a short period of eight kilometers in terms of area inhabited by more than sixty thousand people .

Information about the city of Riyadh

There are a set of factors that helped in reaching Riyadh that advanced stage in all cultural, tourism and economic fields, which we show in the following points:

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  • Enter electricity and open railway stations.
  • The opening of the old airport, and connecting Riyadh to the eastern region via the Dammam Line.
  • From the year (1353 AH to the year 1421 AH), a group of trends witnessed by the Saudi government leading to the current growth and development reached, most notably the start in exporting oil and exploiting the revenues from it for development and reconstruction.
  • One of the recent manifestations that led to the achievement of Riyadh is the enormous amount of development, the establishment of banks and banks and the appointment of employees to them from Saudi citizens.
  • Its economy also depended heavily on industry, as many factories were established, such as textiles, furniture, and chemicals.
  • The opening of King Khalid International Airport, which contributed to providing hundreds of job opportunities for citizens in the Kingdom as well as those arriving to it.

Landmarks of the city of Riyadh

There are many ancient and modern cultural monuments in it that make it a destination for Arab tourists in particular, which has had a great role in contributing to the development and growth of its economy, and among the most prominent of these attractions we mention the following:

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  • Ain Heet Cave: It is located in the Jabal Al Jubailan area under the ground, with a depth of approximately one hundred and fifty meters, and it is easy to visit and reach it.
  • al faisaliya tower: The first skyscraper that was built in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there is at the top of the golden ball, consisting of forty-four floors containing many shopping centers and restaurants.
  • Masmak Fortress: One of the ancient monuments in the city of Riyadh, and the rest of the restored gate and walls can be seen.

The city of Riyadh is characterized by a cold desert climate in the winter, while in the summer it enjoys a high temperature, and as a result of containing many tourist attractions, it occupied an advanced position among the most successful and advanced cities in all areas around the world.

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