Your guide to the city of Sanaa in Dubai. The Sanaa city built in Dubai has a high heritage and historical value. It is the city that was from ancient times the capital of Sheba, and it has now become the official capital of the State of Yemen. Although the city was built for the purpose of hiking and tourism, it is of great importance to visitors to the Emirate of Dubai, and here is an article from Arab travelers about the ancient city of Sanaa in Dubai.

The city of Sanaa in Dubai

  • The city is built in the old architectural style of the old Yemeni city of Sana’a, and Shyam attended death in the project of the resort of the Kingdom of Sheba located on the Palm Island, Jumeirah in Dubai.
  • The resort is one of the most distinguished resorts in Dubai, for example, it transports its visitors to the atmosphere of ancient Yemen, by visiting the Zabeel Saray Palace.
  • The resort which bears the name “Kingdom of Sheba” is one of the best and finest residential and tourist resorts in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The “Kingdom of Spa” or “Sana’a City of Dubai” includes the Fairmont Vacation Club, a group of health and sports clubs, and a market.
  • Likewise, the project provides access to the facilities of the Crescent Palm Crescent, as well as the services of IFA Hotels and Resorts, and Fairmont on the Palm Jumeirah.
  • In addition to the area designated for sale from the “Palm Golden Mile” project, which is a dedicated area to display the products of more than 220 brands, known worldwide.
  • The hotel also includes about 550 five-star rooms in the city of Sanaa, Dubai, in addition to the conference hall, restaurants, entertainment areas, and the private beach.
  • As for the residential units, they are varied; the project has 50 apartments with two-storey configuration, with wonderful sea water views, some of which contain private pools.
  • In addition to 100 apartments varied in size according to the number of bedrooms; there are 4, or five, apartments, and there are two or three rooms.
  • Membership in the Fairmont Vacation Club features the ability to move between IFA properties for resorts and hotels worldwide for business or tourism purposes.

The residential kingdom of Sheba, Dubai

  • The project was announced by IFA at the end of 2006 in the name of the “Kingdom of Sheba” in the crescent moon of the Palm Island, Jumeirah, to emulate the character of the Yemeni construction of Sanaa.
  • This is in addition to handing over project management to one of the largest resort and hotel company, The Fairmont Company.
  • The project, for which an estimated cost of AED 3 billion was allocated, was aimed at building a comprehensive and integrated resort on the waters of the Arabian Gulf.
  • The service is rated five-star, and prices range from $ 1 million to $ 7 million per luxury villa or penthouse. Therefore, it is considered a tourist destination to a specific category.
  • There is also a dedicated road linking the five areas of the project (Belques Project, The Fairmont Hotel, The Fairmont Private Residential Club, The Fairmont Vacation Club, The Market) with all other projects in the Hilal Island, The Palm Jumeirah.
  • It is worth noting that the project is owned by former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his son Ahmed Saleh.

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