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Saqqara is a village located in the southwest of Giza Governorate, 35 km away from it. It is affiliated with the Badrashin Center, located on the western side of the Nile River, in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Saqqara is one of the most important historical and archaeological areas in Egypt. The Pharaonic god Sucre, and there are many pyramids belonging to the kings of the Pharaonic families, especially the third, fifth, and sixth families, and there are many terraces for important statesmen, and their families, as well as some tombs for the kings of the first families, and in this article we will show some of the important existing monuments In Saqqara.

The most important monuments in Saqqara

Saqqara Pyramid

Saqqara Pyramid, also called the Step Pyramid, or the Pyramid of Djoser, relative to King Djoser, one of the pharaohs of the third family that ruled Egypt, which is a huge limestone building that was built in 2816 BC, with a width of about 110 m, and the length of its base about 130 m, and its height is Around 60 CE, which is one of the oldest pyramids in the world, the pyramid consists of 6 terraces, and contains many rooms, corridors, hallways, and doors that contain the reliefs of Djoser. Its walls are decorated with blue and green porcelain, and there is a statue of King Djoser sitting on His throne, in addition to that, the pyramid contains two ramparts in which the daughter of King Djoser was buried.


The Tomb Cemetery is located in the northern region of Saqqara. It is a cemetery built by Kan T, which held the position of supervisor of the pyramids in the era of the last kings of the Fifth Egyptian Dynasty, in the 24th century BC. Archaeological sites in the region, and it consists of an upper section with a small hall containing two columns engraved with a picture of T, and its walls contain inscriptions, writings depicting funeral and agricultural views, and the daily life of the residents, as there is a large courtyard consisting of 12 columns, has been found The sarcophagus T is empty at the burial site, and there is a copy of the T statue in the cemetery, where it is The original version of the statue are in the Egyptian Museum.

The pyramid of Onas

The pyramid of Onas is a small pyramid, located in the area of ​​the Saqqara Pyramids, on the southern side, and it is a tomb that was built for the burial of King Onas, and his family, which is the fifth Pharaonic family, and on the burial chamber, in which the remains of a mummy unknown to whom it belongs to, were found. It contains a terrace designated for the burial of the king’s wives, and there are some hieroglyphic inscriptions on the walls of the burial chamber, so that this language is one of the oldest Semitic languages ​​in the world.


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