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Dear reader, we talk to you through our article today from Arab travelers on the Emirate of Dubai, which is one of the seven emirates located in the United Arab Emirates, and is considered an important tourist destination, attracting millions of tourists who come to it from all over the world annually, until it became the fourth in the level of The world, in number of visitors, which made it in the ranks of developed countries.
It has many wonderful tourist attractions and places that attract you attention from the first sight, with picturesque natural beaches that have amazing blue waters, and also you find parks and gardens, and the largest artificial island in the world, in addition to shopping places, restaurants and cafes that are famous for, and also provide many It has amusement services and theme parks, and has a gold, perfume and spice market.
Nobody goes there and does not see the legendary Burj Khalifa, which was ranked by the Arab travelers Genius for records as the tallest and tallest tower in the world, it reaches 828 meters.
We will talk in some detail about the city of Dubai, and the places and activities it holds, during the following lines, so follow us.

Emirate of Dubai

Its foundation dates back to 1833 AD, and it occupies the second position among the seven Emirates in terms of its area that reaches 4114 square kilometers, and it occupies 5% of the total area of ​​the country, without counting the islands.
And it has cultural and entertainment diversity, and she managed to win several titles, including Dana Al-Dunya and Pearl of the Gulf. It carries a heritage, rich history, and rich history.
If we talk about the population, we will find that they have reached 2,976,455 people, according to the latest statistics in 2020.

Dubai Emirate site

  • It is located in the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, which is located in the southwestern part connected to the Arabian Gulf, with a length of 72 km.
  • And from the north-east it is bordered by the Emirate of Sharjah, and from the south side it is bordered by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • And that emirate is about 52 feet above sea level, or 16 meters.
  • On the borders with the Sultanate of Oman, we find that there is a region belonging to the Emirate of Dubai, which is the mountainous Hatta, which is separated from the emirate by about 100 kilometers.
  • The city of Dubai is divided by a water bay called Dubai Creek, which in turn divides the emirate into two regions, the northern part called Deira, and the southern part is called Bur Dubai.
  • It owns tropical mangroves, in the eastern part of Dubai Creek, and the western side of it has many wonderful sandy beaches, in addition to that we have valleys in the Hatta region, and also in the interior we find it has a lot of deserts.
  • Economy within the Emirate of Dubai

    • Within a few years, Dubai was able to become a leading global economic destination in the financial and business market worldwide.
    • It has a strategic location that is like the focal point for commercial traffic, through which the east and west of the world are linked.
    • The city of Dubai is an important center for trade, fishing and pearls, as it has a natural harbor that is famous for it since ancient times.
    • We find that the market in Deira is the largest in the coastal region.
    • Dubai became a city of growth, prosperity, and progress when oil was discovered in 1966, and it was able to export it in 1969, and huge developments took place during the past thirty years.
    • Which made her at the present time reach the high position that it has.
    • It also established Islamic banks, and became the first in the world in this matter, with the opening of the Dubai Financial Market, which is the first exchange platform compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, in addition to that the first Islamic bank was opened in it.
    • During the eighties and nineties, Dubai started thinking that it would be a global tourist destination, which made it implement many huge projects and investments that revived the tourism sector, and provided a strong material income to the emirate.
    • And there are many meetings, conferences, and events organized and held within Dubai.
    • In addition, it has shipping companies, whether regionally or internationally.
    • Also, it has owned a number of banks, navigation, insurance, and financial services companies, among others.
    • Which confirms to us that the economy of the Emirate of Dubai has become dependent not only on oil, but also that there are other financial resources that provide many billions to the city annually.

    Tourist attractions within the city of Dubai

    • Burj Khalifa
    • Dubai Fountain.
    • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
    • Dubai Museum.
    • Arranged for the opera “Culture Center”.
    • The Dubai Mall.
    • Mall of the Emirates.
    • City Walk.
    • Burj Al Arab Hotel.
    • The artificial palm island.
    • The global village.

    And of course, we invite you to go to the best places to visit in Dubai, as it is one of the wonderful tourist cities that you can enjoy and spend quality time.



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